Mr. Robert FoleyFoley

Transition Instructor  

Phone: 472-9649

Class Schedule 2018/2019

1st Hour           Community Work (Screen Printing/Legacy Garden) 

2nd Hour         Alternative Work, off campus Medical Internship Brookdale. 

3rd Hour Career Planning/ off campus Medical Internship Brookdale.           

4th Hour          Prep

Lunch              2nd lunch

5th Hour          Community Work, AJ Food Bank and Summit Health Care Internship

6th Hour          Community Work, AJ Food Bank and Summit Health Care Internship

7th Hour          Off Campus Work Placement 



Welcome! Over the last 20 years I have been a special education transition coordinator, an English instructor, and a CTE Agriculture instructor.   I received my special education training and received a BA Degree from Arizona State University.  I also hold a Master's degree from Northern Arizona University in Education Leadership. 

I received training in Agriculture from the University of Arizona at the Karsten Turf Research Center, ASU Polytechnic campus (Integrated Pest Management, Turf Equipment and repair) and Mesa Community College (Turf care, soils, irrigation systems) and have worked in golf course management and turf management for the last 7 years. 

I hold certificates from the Arizona Department of Education in Special Education, Secondary English, and Career and Technical Education, and also hold a Supervisory Administrative certificate.