Building Assets Reducing Risks

What is BARR?

Building Assets Reducing Risks (BARR) is a strength based education model originally created to help students manage the transition to high school. The two fundamental pillars in BARR are (1) creating positive, intentional relationships and (2) using real-time student data in collaborative problem solving settings to guide instructional action. 

What are the Goals of BARR?

The model seeks to help youth succeed in school by increasing the overall health of students and by achieving the following goals:

1. Students are earning ALL course credits toward graduation (reduced academic failure). 

2. Students are earning high achievement scores

3. Students are becoming more engaged in learning. 

4. Students are reducing adverse effects of alcohol and other drugs.

5. Teachers are increasing their effectiveness. 

Image of Robbin Featherston

Robbin Featherston

BARR Coordinator

Skyline HIgh School
Established in 2019
Robbin Featherston

Please email me if you have any questions regarding the BARR program at Skyline High School. [More...]