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   I am very glad to be part of the Skyline High school staff both as an Earth Science teacher and as a coach. I graduated from ASU in 2005 and have been with Mesa Public Schools ever since. I try to bring my patience from the classroom to the volleyball court and softball field and my encouragement to continue even when its hard mentality and physically. As a member of the Arizona Army National Guard since 2010 I have learned to keep my expectations high, keep encouraging and hold students accountable and push responsibility. I know that we have a great group of students, in the classroom and on the field. I expect the best from each and every student and will do what I can to help them succeed in science and help them learn skills that will help them in the future. I am really big on following school rules and organizational skills and I will remind students often about ID's, not chewing gum, dress code issues, proper use of electronic devices as well as study habits and staying focused in class, avoiding distractions and obtaining good habits that will follow them through college and life. Our Jr's and Sr's in Earth Science are so close to that next level so I will stress a lot of focus, organization skills and discipline for them as well so they can succeed in whatever they have planned for their futures.

If you have any questions please contact me by email at rgrijalva@mpsaz.org, my classroom number is 472-9605.

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