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Road to Success

My Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes will help prepare you for a job in the digital communications industry, establish a solid base to a higher education in the digital arts and/or expand your viewpoints of the world we live in. We like to describe these classes as "Real education for the real world." This involves hands on learning, practical application, connections to all academic and fine arts areas, and making deadlines. Each and every student will have a chance to experience success in these classes through active participation, accurate execution, and above all effort just like the "Real world." Your road to success starts with you.

Equipment Needs

Digital Photography:

It is highly recommended that each student has his or her own digital camera. The school does have cameras students can use but there are very few available. Students will be able to check cameras out for one night only unless the camera is checked out over the weekend. 

The camera concepts taught in class will be based on a digital SLR such as the Nikon D3300. It is not required that students have a DSLR for the class. They could use a point and shoot or advanced digital camera with auto and manual functions. Although phone camera technology is getting better all the time there are many limitations which interfere with the learning of basic and advanced camera functions. 

Students will also need digital storage such as a flash drive. High capacity flash drives (8+ gigs) are relatively inexpensive and will be more than enough space for the class. 




Digital Publications:

Students will be provided with workbooks but will also need a separate binder dedicated to the class. I have been making many efforts to go paperless in most of my classes but this one is the exception. The development of the yearbook has gone high tech over the recent years but there are still many needs for the good ol' pen and paper in its creation. Students will be designated a variety of jobs and if photography is one of them then we do have cameras the students will be able to check out. Yearbook photographers see the Digital Photography equipment needs because they also apply here. 

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Digital Publications aka Yearbook


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