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AR 20/21/22 Video Production

I love art, photography, film, and the creative process with an end goal to educate, express, and inform. Video has the ability to combine every art-form into one so it's no task to take lightly. A combination of film's rich history, technological breakthroughs, and ability to tell amazing stories through a creative lens makes this subject a never ending adventure. As a part of this class you will be creating for a purpose other than a grade. Our award winning CTV program is always improving with each year and we need you to keep the legacy alive. I look forward to a productive and creative year with you.

GV 20 Video, TV and Movie Production:  2 Sem. — 1 Practical Arts/Elective Credit

Video, TV, and Movie Production will give students hands-on learning experiences in producing digital videos, TV broadcasts, and movies. This course will teach students how to produce, shoot, and edit a variety of digital video projects. Students will learn how to edit video, create graphics, and burn DVDs using industry-standard equipment. Students will also learn the basic principles of media literacy, deconstructing commercials, and study television and movie history. Opportunities will be given to students through SkillsUSA which include leadership development, field trips, travel, and competition.


GV 21 Video Production: 2 Sem. — 1 Practical Arts/Elective Credit Prerequisite: GV 20

Students enrolled in this course will build on their production experience by writing, producing, directing, and performing a television broadcast. Students will also produce commercials, public service announcements, highlight reels, news, and feature pieces for the TV broadcast. Students will learn advanced editing techniques and graphic skills using industry-standard software and equipment. Opportunities will be given to students through SkillsUSA, which include leadership development, field trips, travel, and competition.


GV 22 Advanced Video Production:  2 Sem – 1 Practical Arts/Elective Credit Prerequisite: GV21

Students will develop a portfolio and participate in community projects; using leadership skills will focus on advanced camera operation, lighting and editing. Storytelling with enhanced video production. Critique current and historical films for analysis of content, video enhancement, sound and editing.

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