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Hi  folks, I'll try to make this short and sweet.

My Name is Dale Hawn Cooper and
  I usually go by  "Dr. Coop"....but sometimes, "Dr. Dude"

I was born in Iowa in '74, the second child of three, to parents who worked in the medical field.  When I was 11 my parents transferred to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where my troubles with traditional education began to surface.  Think of the most annoying, troublesome student that you can think of and then multiply it by two or three... and that was me.  I was programmed to believe, by many teachers and doctors, that my disengagement in the classroom was due to learning disabilities or my inability to process the information, when in fact, I now know, was due to the educational institutions inability to deliver the curriculum in more than one format.  I won't spend a ton o' time on irrelevant curriculum or teacher complacency, but let's just say my motivation for earning a doctoral degree and staying a life long learner is internal and personal, but also external, with hopes of contributing information to non-traditional curriculum and delivery in relation to student achievement.  

Now jump ahead a decade or two and I have proven the majority of the doctors and traditionalists wrong by earning a B.S. in education from Northern Arizona University, a M.Ed in curriculum development/instruction from Arizona State, and my Doctoral degree in summer of 2014...whoa...that's a lot of school, for a kid that didn't like school.  Here's my dissertation,  grab a bag a Cheetos!

I am currently  an art teacher at Smith Jr. High school in Mesa, Arizona.  Although this is my first year in the Mesa district, I have been a teacher for over 17 years.  I spent the last 17 years working in both the Sped. dept. and Fine Arts department at Tempe high School, in Tempe Arizona.  In Tempe, I taught everything from basic, introductory art, to collegiate level International Baccalaureate art, and everything in between.  I was also the IB visual arts leader for our campus, and the head of the Visual Arts PLC.  I am more than excited to be moving closer to home, and working at Smith.   I am also part of the Red Mountain High School Baseball staff working at the 11u, 13u, and freshmen levels....I love baseball too.

Besides being a full time father, husband, teacher,  and coach, I have also done curriculum consultant work for the EDUindex; a company that produced gap analysis data pertaining to curriculum relevancy for schools, and districts.  I have also owned a couple businesses, and recorded an album for RCA.  The most rewarding work I've done though is teach, and not teach kids what to learn, but rather, how to learn.  

I have been married for going on 17 years to beautiful Molly, who blessed me with two sons, 
Tommy and Jojo, whom currently attend Sheppard Jr. High, and Mendoza elementary.   My hobbies include but are not limited to: anything combustion, video games, pinball, lowbrow art, playing music, listening to music and playing more music, vintage chevy stuff, comics, vintage toys, physics,...I could go on and on.  I love to learn, process, and share new information, and I look forward to, and embrace the day, when we have the ability to upload and download directly to our brains via neural implants. Long live critical theory!


Dr. DH Cooper