Ms. Denise Hakala                         dogcat

Phone: 480-472-9975


Mesa, Arizona is a great place to live even when it's 108 degrees.

I have been fortunate to have lived in Mesa for over twenty years and taught for Mesa for twenty years. I started in the elementary schools and eventually worked my way up to junior high. I really enjoy Smith and, of course, English is the best.

I am a partial Jackrabbit, a proud Sun Devil and have earned a masters from the University of Phoenix.

I take teaching very seriously in that I want my students to feel capable when they enter high school. I hope that I impart strategies to help them be successful in Language Arts no matter what is asked of them.

It's important too in junior high to be flexible and caring and I think my students will grant me that much! (But Ms. Hakala this is hard work!) (No it isn't, but it IS work!)

And, I know I heard somebody say, "It's far better to be a Sidewinder than not to be."


                  Don't Worry. Be Happy.         beach