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Student Identification Cards

Smith policy requires that every student wear or carry a student ID at all times while on campus.  Every student will receive one ID and a lanyard when picking up their schedule.  If a student looses or defaces their student ID, they will be required to purchase a new one. There is a replacement fee of $2 for the first ID and $4 for each additional ID.  ID's can be purchased/replaced in the Bookstore before or after school and during both lunches.

Hallway Expectations

  • Students are expected to have ID's at all times
  • Only water in hallways and classrooms
  • Hats are to be worn outside the buildings only
  • Cell phones (only used outside school buildings before and after school)
  • No PDA (Public Display of Affection)
  • Students must have a signed planner when in the hallways

Lunchtime Expectations

  • Students need to be seated at a table or bench when eating
  • Students are allowed in courtyard with water only
  • Students are allowed in the building with a signed planner that must be shown to a staff member before entering
  • Students need to be 30 feet away from the academic building and away from all doorways

Helpful Student Links 

Visit the slick sidewinder sites page for additional assistance in English, Math, Reading, Science, Foreign Language and homework.

Our Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Guidance and Counseling Departments are proud to present the MPS Career Planning System (ECAP/Navigator). Students use the MPS Career Planning System to develop educational and career plans for personal success. For our Mesa students . . . There's no better place to plan!

Another site is Career Exploration, US Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics 


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