College Bound Arizona

Smith Campus meets every Tuesday @ 4:00-5:00 pm in Room 402

Director: Liz Paulus

Site Coordinator: Elisa Hansen



College Bound Arizona, a non-profit community resource, shares the journey to college with aspiring under-represented students through mentor ship, guidance and support systems for their advancement to a better future through education. 

Our Values

Compassion : We believe that every student matters.
Integrity : We instill exemplary character in students through our own actions.
Individuality/Empowerment: We serve as an instrument for self-exploration and self-expression.
Service: We are committed to serving all students by supporting opportunities for advancement in their futures.
Respect: We value respect, honor and trust for each other so that we can inspire our diverse youth to gain college access.
Inclusiveness: We work with all students who aspire.
Teamwork: We encourage leadership, teamwork and collaboration.
Community: We keep the success of the community and our families in mind.