What is a School Improvement Plan (SIAP)?

Each school authors a plan with the main goal to improve student achievement. These plans adhere to and meet the state guidelines outlining strategies that encompass school leadership, strengthening instruction for all students, intervention programs for struggling students, data-driven decision making, coordinated and comprehensive services, and needs assessment review. The school SIAP plan should reflect the Mesa School District plan. The plan is reviewed, edited, and updated quarterly within SIAC meetings held in August or September, December, February, and May.

What is Title 1?

Sousa receives additional supplemental funds through a Title 1 grant from the federal government. Since Sousa is a school-wide Title 1 program, these monies provide supplementary services/materials that benefit all of our students, directly or indirectly. These funds, along with other federal resources will be consolidated to support school-wide positive changes. For instance, the funds at Sousa have been used to fund or purchase:

  • Highly qualified instructional personnel to assist teachers within the classrooms or in the Reading Lab
  • Before/after school tutoring with teachers and aides
  • Provide additional instructional material and technology to support the curriculum
  • Family Support Specialist
  • Title 1 School Improvement Specialist
  • Parental involvement activities and training
  • Professional development training for the staff

Title 1 monies

Any school that uses Title 1 money needs to have the program or item delineated specifically in the school SIAP. As noted above, the SIAP is reviewed quarterly, in addition to analyzing data, to make sure that our monies are being spent wisely to increase student achievement. 


If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions dealing with Title 1 money or Sousa's SIAP plan, please contact Ms. Angie Denicola, Title 1 Specialist, Office: 480-472-8906 or email amdenicola@mpsaz.org