Emotional Disabilities  Special Ed Policies and Procedures
Functional Programs  Procedural Safeguards - Parent's Rights
Hearing Impaired              English                       Spanish
Orthopedically Impaired Medicaid in Public Schools Program

Disclosure of Education Records

Preschool  Special Ed Organizational Chart (2014-15)
S.H.A.R.P.  New To Mesa Schools?
Specific Learning Disability  Special Ed Acronyms
Speech and Language Therapy  Eligibility and Services

Traumatic Brain Injury

Visually Impaired  Informational Special Ed Websites      

Related Services

 ADE Exceptional Student Services -
        Parent Information Network
Adapted Physical Education  Transition Information  
Assistive Technology                         
Occupational and Physical Therapy                                                      Online Instruction for ESY Services        
  CSPD - Public Notice Assurance 2013
 Speech Language Impaired Resources