Emotional Disabilities  Special Ed Policies and Procedures
Functional Programs  Procedural Safeguards - Parent's Rights
Hearing Impaired              English                       Spanish
Orthopedically Impaired Medicaid in Public Schools Program

Disclosure of Education Records

Preschool  Special Ed Organizational Chart (2013-14)
S.H.A.R.P.  New To Mesa Schools?
Specific Learning Disability  Special Ed Acronyms
Speech and Language Therapy  

Traumatic Brain Injury

Visually Impaired  Informational Special Ed Websites      

Related Services

 ADE Exceptional Student Services -
        Parent Information Network
Adapted Physical Education  Transition Information  
Assistive Technology                         
Occupational and Physical Therapy                                                      Online Instruction for ESY Services        
  CSPD - Public Notice Assurance 2013
 Speech Language Impaired Resources