Medicaid in the Public Schools banner

Medicaid in the Public Schools (MIPS) is a federal reimbursement program that allows the Mesa Public School District to bill Arizona's Medicaid program (AHCCCS) for some of the services provided to Medicaid/AHCCCS eligible special education students while at school. The money for the MIPS program comes from the federal Medicaid system and does not take any money from current AHCCCS programs. So, the money is intended specifically for the schools and will not affect any of the services the child may currently receive through AHCCCS. Also, if the child receives any services through DDD/DES, the services will not be affected.

Some of the covered services include speech, occupational and physical therapy, nursing, specialized transportation, psychological evaluations, behavior management, and classroom based health services such as eating or toileting.
This program will not cost the family any time or money. Currently, neither the state nor federal government provides enough money to cover the entire cost of special education. The extra money needed is taken from the district's general budget. MIPS is a way to help the school district pay for some of the extra cost of providing special education services.