Applied Programs - Elementary

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                                Curriculum Content Specialists for Elementary Applied Programs.

 This site is designed to help you with procedures, required special education documents, instruction, and assessments.  

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       Students in the Applied Program will work on Academic Instruction in Reading, Math, and Writing.  Student may also need instruction in other areas such as Daily Living skills, Adaptive Behavior, Listening and Speaking, Workplace Skills.    

                 Arizona Department of Education  - Alternate Academic Standards
                                Alternate Comprehensive Health Standards
Alternate Workplace Skills Standards
Alternate Listening and Speaking Standards


Core Content Connectors


   Students in the Applied Programs will work on developing their knowledge in Science through the use of Grade Level General Education Science kits with a focus on Alternate Academic Standard.  Teachers can find IEP goal starters in the IEP goal bank on Science related skills by looking under "Alternate Standards" and dropping down to "science"

   Applied Learning students are assessed by the State in 4th, 8th, and 10th grade on Science knowledge through the State's AIMS-A assessment.

    Alternate Science Standards 

    Application of Common Core to Students with Disabilities

   NCSC/MSAA: Core Content Connectors  
                        AIMS-A ScienceTesting Info

MSAA Testing Information

Math Sequenced Units: Primary(K-3) Intermediate(4-6)

Math Unit Planning Template    Close Read Template   

       Students in the Applied Programs will receive instruction in all same subject areas as general education peers.  Students in 4th, 8th, and 10th grade are assessed on current Alternate Science Standards.  

              To access Alt. Academic Goals click here and scroll down to Alternate Academic Standards

                                AZ 2010 Academic Standards (Common Core)

ESY Information

 Curriculum Information:    

       boys with books            

Planners for Small Group Rotations...teacher only groups for one week (A)  (B) 
                                                                teacher & 3 aide for one day  (Example) (blank) 
teacher & 2 aides only (blank)

HOMEWORK CALENDARS:   Primary        Intermediate           Secondary

              Rubistar (Create your own rubric)
 Puzzle Maker
              Timers-on line timers

              SMART Smartboard activities

Special Ed. Calendar of events and trainings

    Student Folders (Required)

Data Collection
     Data Collection Sheets