Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Driver Education is offered at my student's school?

Contact school to verify class is offered.

What is the course number and name?

TS 32 Driver Education

Is there a fee for Driver Education?

No, but there is for the OPTIONAL Behind the Wheel Program (see Behind the Wheel)

What does Driver Education consist of?

This class is a one-semester course aimed at the development of the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for performing as a competent vehicle operator and highway user. This class consists of classroom and simulator instruction.

What qualifications does the Driver Education program have?

All MPS Driver Education programs are state approved. This course qualifies as one of the methods of student obtaining their driver's license under the State's Graduated License Program.

Who can take Driver Education?

Any student can enroll in this class. It is recommended, but not required, that the student has their learners permit.

Do students need a learners permit or drivers license to enroll in Driver Education?

No, neither are needed to register for the class, but it is recommended that students have their learners permit.

Can students take Driver Education if they already have their driver's license?


Does the grade students receive for Driver Education count in their grade point average?


Will my student receive a driver's license by taking this course?

With the completion of this course, including the OPTIONAL Behind the Wheel instruction (see Behind the Wheel) and a grade of "C" or better, your student will receive a Certificate of Completion to take to AZ Dept of Motor Vehicles for their driver's license.

Will a student's insurance rate be reduced if they take Driver Education?

Contact your insurance company to find out. 

Is Driver Education offered during summer school?

Yes, contact MPS Community Education @ 480.472.7250 for registration and fee information.

Is Driver Education offered through Mesa Distance Learning - online course?

Yes, contact Mesa Distance Learning @ 480.472.7285 for registration and fee information.

Behind the Wheel - OPTIONAL

  • Students that have taken the TS 32 Driver Education class (through assigned, neighborhood MPS high school, MPS summer school or Mesa Distance Learning) are eligible to participate in this on-street instruction.
  • To register, you must contact your assigned, neighborhood MPS high school Driver Education teacher to receive necessary paperwork, fee information and driving schedule.
  • Students are not required to participate in this program, but it is required for your student to receive the Certificate of Completion to turn into the AZ Dept of Motor Vehicles.
  • Students who participate in Behind the Wheel DO NOT have to take the driving portion of the state driving test at the AZ Dept of Motor Vehicles to obtain their driver's license.