Elementary Math Resources For Families

These links provide families with information, games, practice programs and additional support in mathematics.

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Kindergarten Parent Resources

1st Grade Parent Resources

2nd Grade Parent Resources

3rd Grade Parent Resources

4th Grade Parent Resources

5th Grade Parent Resources

6th Grade Parent Resources

Mesa Public Schools Educational Technology Department

Links to Technology Resources

Mesa Public Schools Assistive Technology

Links to web based interactive math sites

Arizona Department of Education

Information about Arizona Mathematics Standards

This web site was created by Stand for Children Arizona to assist parents with understanding Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards. The site is unique because it breaks down content by grade and subject, explains concepts in plain language, gathers the most high quality resources from multiple sources that best speak to parents, and does not require users to supply any personal information to access content.

Create Your Own Interactive Math Games

Discovery Channel

Free resources for students

Fact Monster

Games and Practice Activities


Generate graph paper, grid paper, geometric patterned paper and more

Thinking Blocks

A Bar Modeling Tool for Problem Solving

PBS: Everyday Learning

K-2 Learning Videos

Growth Mindset for Parents

Parents learn what a growth mindset is, why it’s important, and best practices to support their children in developing this learning belief.

Expect More Arizona

These documents provide a high level overview of the key academic skills children will learn in each grade, based on Arizona’s College and Career Ready State Standards. The resource also includes activities that parents can do at home with their children. Available in English and Spanish.

Math Fact Cafe

Games and practice problems for math facts

Math Playground

Interactive games, worksheets and facts practice for K-8

Math Dictionary for Kids

An animated, interactive dictionary for students

Greg Tang's Math

Math-themed books, games and puzzles

Math Magician

Addition, subtraction, mulitplication, division games

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

More than 100 digital activities, games, and tutorials for K-12

NBC Learn

Video resources, primary sources, historic footage, images for grades K-12

PBS: Math at the Core

5th-8th Grade Instructional Videos