The ACE experience is broken down into four main components; Pre-Flight Briefing, Ground School, Activity Stations, and Post-Flight Debriefing. ACE is designed to accommodate one class per day. The ACE curriculum is aligned to National and Arizona State Standards in all content areas.

Pre-Flight Briefing:
Upon arriving at ACE, students receive a brief orientation of the facility. The principles of flight, terminology, and the basics of the airplane are reviewed from lessons taught in the classroom. All students are briefed on the day's activities.

Activity Stations:

Students divide into four groups, each begins at a different activity station. They record information in their Log Book at each station. Each group rotates to another activity station approximately every 35 minutes. Select to view the schedule.

Wright's Runway of Discovery:
Here, students play the part of a scientist. Their goal is to complete as many of the seven experiments as possible. These experiments demonstrate various forces or Bernoulli's Principle. These forces along with Bernoulli's Principle are important to the flight of an airplane.

Computer Simulated Flight:
Using Microsoft Flight Simulator, students practice their flying skills on the computer. The "pilots" take off from Williams Gateway airport and practice landing at a nearby field. Pilots record the success of each flight in their "Pilot Log Book".

Airplane Simulator:
At this center, students will be able to climb aboard the full motion flight simulator to take a "flight" with the aid of an instructor. Students describe their experience in their Pilot Log Book.

Night Vision Experience :(Lowell only) At this same station, students have the opportunity to peer into the darkened Night Vision Experience room and draw on a grid what they see.

Communication & Design Challenges:
Students work together to solve engineering and communication questions. This is a student-led center where they use their creativity and ingenuity to gain success. 

Post-Flight Debriefing:
The closing activity is a debriefing of the day's events with a question & answer session, a short video, and presentation of pilot “licenses”.