How SIM Works

The Space Integration Module provides an environment where students are problem solvers, innovators and inventors, applying knowledge of Arizona Career and College Ready Standards in an authentic learning setting. The SIM Mission is broken into three components; Mission Control, Exploration Vehicle (X-VE), and International Space Station (ISS). Each mission can actively involve up to 40 students in an exciting four-hour learning experience.


Crew Exploration Vehicle

The X-VE will comfortably hold eight students.

Copmotlesite of Shut


International Space Station

The ISS will comfortably hold eight students.

Space Station Composite


Mission Control

Students in Mission Control play a pivotal role.

Mission Control Composite


More about SIM

Over 4,000 sixth-grade students will participate in SIM missions throughout the school year. The mission’s driving force is the Oxygen Tank. Students work collaboratively to replenish the ever-depleting tank, which can only be filled with student-completed tasks. This sense of urgency gives the mission purpose, focusing students on a common goal throughout the four-hour experience.  While each student is assigned a specific role for the mission, teamwork is critical to success.

SIM curriculum is aligned to sixth-grade Arizona Career and College Ready Standards in all content areas. Although designed for Mesa’s sixth-grade students, this unique project can be customized for one class, multiple classes or a district-wide scenario. Please contact a member of the SIM team for further information.