Frequently Asked Questions

Do students need permission slips?   YES.


Do we need to bring a lunch?   You and your students will each need to bring a sack lunch with a drink. We will be eating lunch in the SIM Briefing Room.


Are restrooms at the spaceport conveniently located?  No, they are not close by. Please use the restroom BEFORE boarding the bus.

Are parent volunteers necessary?
Volunteers are NOT necessary for this field trip.

What time will the bus leave my school? Please board the bus promptly at 9:00am. In order to assure that a member of the SIM staff will be outside to greet you, do not depart your school prior to 9:00am.


What time will the bus leave the spaceport? You will depart the spaceport at 1:30pm.


What do we do if our bus has been delayed?
If your bus is delayed please notify your SIM specialist immediately!

Cell phone numbers for Karri West / Fremont and Colleen Howard / Kino are listed on your Job Assignment form.

Where is our drop-off location?
Kino Jr. High: The bus should drop you off on Kino Drive, by the bike racks. Kino Drive is on the South side of the campus.

Fremont Jr. High: The bus should drop you off on the South side of the Fremont campus, by the portable buildings.