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Sponsorship Opportunities
for the SciTech Expo and Science & Engineering Fair

Our students and the surrounding communities look forward to the SciTech Expo and Science & Engineering Fair each year. These events promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and civic awareness while showcasing community members, local business, and the achievements of our students. We are glad to host this important educational event and bring a little STEAM to the community, but we could always use help!


If you or your business would be interested in sponsoring these events, we invite you to donate through Mesa Public Schools Web Pay. Donors will receive prominent recognition in event programming distributed to each of the 2,000+ visitors who walk through our gates.

Donation Tiers:

$25: prominent mention in event programs

$50: mention in programs and loudspeaker announcements throughout event

$100: all the above, loudspeaker announcements, signage & social media blasts

$500: all the above, your name on an event showcase & photos of donation in action

Mesa Public Schools Web Pay Instructions

  1. Create a guest account and Login

  2. In the SEARCH window (upper right corner) type SciTech Expo

  3. Select your donation amount and click ADD

  4. Click CHECKOUT at the upper right corner of the screen

  5. Be sure to print your receipt for tax purposes