Points of Pride
Talented students and staff create an amazing, educational campus

Stapley Survivors

Stapley's student advisory program continues to be a very unique program for our students. The SOS/Survivor is a program designed to enhance the positive affective social environment of our junior high. The Carnegie report,    Turning Points 2000, by Jackson and Davis, states the need to "provide a safe and healthy environment as part of improving academic performance and developing caring and ethical citizens." Renowned educator Madeline Hunter speaks to a school's affective environment in her Principals Of Learning with the term 'Feeling Tone'. The feeling tone, or caring environment, so important in the junior high years really revolves around the adults on the campus connecting with and caring about students.

Survivor incorporates a series of designed activities with the purpose of reinforcing Truth, Trust, Respect and Responsibility as behaviors the student actively use to self-monitor their actions. A series of team building activities reach out to include all students during SOS and their lunch time. The subtle reminders of the four behaviors will remain a part of the program even when the Stapley Survivor Challenge changes.

Stapley Scores High!

Stapley's academic performance is one to be proud of. Students tested in fourteen content areas and scored in the top spot in seven areas, second in four, and very strong in the remaining three areas compared to peer schools.

Parent approval ratings of the entire Stapley staff are the highest-ranking of all the Junior and Senior High Schools surveyed throughout Mesa Public Schools. This top honor reflects the dedication and character of Stapley's staff. 

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The Arts and Athletics are legendary

Stapley's Performing and Fine Arts and Athletics are legendary in Mesa due to their depth and breadth of rigor. 

Stapley's Band, Chorus, Orchestra and Drama students perform to packed houses and draw interest from students throughout the entire Mesa community.

Performing Arts is continually awarded the 'Honors with Distinction' at competitions.

Sabercat Athletics is one of the most successful programs in the entire East Valley. Between talented students and experienced coaches, Stapley consistently wins city tournament championships.

High-achieving teachers awarded for their commitment to education

Our band program and director, Mrs. Christina Soper, have been humbled to receive honorary recognition on many occasions. Mrs. Soper was invited to present a session at the 2016 Arizona Music Educator's Association (AMEA) conference, and was recognized with the O.M.Hartsell Excellence in Teaching Music award at the 2018 conference. The Stapley Wind Ensemble was selected as a featured performer at the 2017 conference. Additionally, the Wind Ensemble has received 5 consecutive Superior with Distinction ratings at the Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association (ABODA) festivals.

Mrs. Peggy Lord was chosen by Honeywell to attend the prestigious Educators@Space Academy this past summer, June 2016. This program took educators where no classroom can possibly go! Since its inception in 2004, more than 2,375 educators from 55 countries, 52 U.S. states and territories have graduated from the Honeywell Educators@Space Academy.

During the program, educators participated in a variety of activities including 45 hours of classroom, laboratory and field-training. Simulated astronaut training exercises, high-performance jet simulations, scenario-based space missions and flying programs were just a small sampling of what was in the curriculum.

Educators worked together as a team to achieve a multitude of mission objectives. Whether performing experiments in the lab, repairing satellites or adding a module to the International Space Station, all of the educational simulations were realistic, exciting and challenging.

Honeywell Educators@Space Academy took Mrs. Lord to where no classroom can possibly go, so she can bring her experiences and excitement back to her students here at Stapley Junior High!

Mrs. Amy Marinella has been selected to participate in the James Madison Legacy Project! She is one of twenty teachers in Arizona to attend trainings. Once training is complete, Mrs. Marinella will be able to start the "We the People" Program at Stapley Junior High. She has successfully completed Phase 1, which included observing the 2016 State Competition, and Phase 2, which was an evening webinar with Constitutional Scholar, John Kaminski. Mr. Kaminski is the Founder and Director for the Center for the Study of the American Constitution.

Mr. Dana Dobson was selected as the 2015 Arizona Association of Junior High Student Councils winner of the Distinguished Service Award for his commitment to working with our future leaders.

Mrs. Cory Miller was named Outstanding Teacher by the Masonic Lodge of Mesa.