Needed Binder Contents:

  • Good quality, 3-ring binder, 2" or 3" rings with pocket inserts
  • Five to six colored dividers to separate each academic class, including AVID
  • Zipper pouch to store supplies (3-hole punched heavy duty zip lock bags also work)
  • Two or more pens
  • Two or more sharpened pencils
  • Lined paper 
  • School planner (Completed each day with classwork and homework assignments recorded for all classes)
  • Graded TRFs
  • Cornell Note paper (optional)
  • Erasers
  • Highlighters
  • Handouts and returned work/tests in appropriate sections


Suggested Binder Contents:

  • One or two trapper pouches or pocket folders (for paper without holes)
  • Calculator
  • Three-hole puncher
  • 6" ruler
  • Tips on note-taking or test-taking skills, tutorial guidelines, and other AVID strategy sheets
  • Sample of note-taking in specific subjects