AVID Student Expectations


AVID students are REQUIRED to keep all grades at 70% or higher. If you are having trouble keeping grades above 70%, go to tutoring, speak with your teacher, review notes, and/or find a study partner.  Forming great study habits now will make high school much easier and your dreams of a college education a reality.  


Academic Monitoring: Your AVID Elective teacher will frequently check on the progress in your other classes. If you are not achieving grades of C or higher in your courses, your AVID Elective teacher may initiate the probation process. When you are on probation, you will be expected to create and follow an improvement plan.


Behavior: AVID students will always be on their best behavior and should be positive role models for other students on campus.  If for some reason there is an issue:

a. You will first receive a reminder of the rule you are breaking.

b. If the behavior continues, you will receive formal written discipline and a phone call will be made home.  

c. If the behavior still continues, further action appropriate to the offense will be taken.  This may include AVID probation for behavior issues. 



Student Resources:

Successful Classroom Interaction (SLANT)

Tips for Studying with Notes

Tips for Managing your Time

Goal Setting