Sadie Ishikawa

Born in Phoenix and raised in the valley, I graduated from Mesa's Westwood High School and continued on to Mesa Community College in the dance/performing arts department.

I left the area in 1987 and raised my two sons in a beautiful mountain community of northern California. I was fortunate to work as a Bookkeeper in their school system for many years performing primarily Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing and Payroll functions. I also had the opportunity to be a volunteer firefighter and first responder in this interesting rural county where there were NO stop lights at all!

I returned "home" 21 years later to marry a former Westwood High School classmate and aquire three more sons...and a dog!

Though my early years were spent in dance studios and on the stage, I've supported myself in the accounting field since the late 1970s. After returning to Arizona, I was thrilled to find employment again in the schools where bookstore and student club duties have enabled me to use my experience right in my own neighborhood!

I have at times over the years popped back over to dance, my first love, but have now "retired" my ballet shoes! The sons are grown and I have a new focus (fascination...obsession?) with something more my current speed. I've fallen head over heels in love with Basenjis, an African dog breed known for their athleticism, stubborn cat-like nature, and their "barkless" trait, the latter of which is a nice change after raising boys! ;)

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Stop by the Stapley Bookstore to check the Lost & Found, too! If you'd like, I'll show you pictures of my dogs!