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Teresa Carlson
(480) 472-2790



Rebekah Rudow
Department Chair
Last names beginning with N - Z


Kathryn Notarpole
Last Names beginning with A - M

School Psychologist

Dr. Steven Reiff
(480) 472-2795

Counseling Information

Accessing Grades

Parent Portal activation codes are available.
     Counseling 480-472-2790
     Front Office 480-472-2700
A valid driver's license is required.


Office Hours are 8:15 am to 4:15 pm

Options for requesting an appointment:
Call: Teresa Carlson at 480-472-2790
A - M  Kathryn Notarpole:
N - Z  Rebekah Rudow:


At the start of each school year, each student receives a new handbook/planner. They are required to use these to manage all assignments and keep themselves organized. Important school and district information and policies are included in the handbook/planner. These are reviewed thoroughly during a designated class period. 

Homework Requests

Parents/Guardians may request homework through the counseling office at 480-472-2790 for students out of school more than three days. It is essential for the staff to have at least 24-hours notice to prepare such assignments.

Students are expected to request makeup work from teachers when returning from an absence.

Academic Information


College & Career Readiness

7th and 8th Grade

Counseling Calendar

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TAT Referral (For Staff Use Only)


Contact teachers for their specific tutoring days or attend a DEPARTMENT tutoring session listed below

Social Studies:  Mornings    8:30-9

Sept. 9-Nov. 5  Ms.  Navarro (157)

Nov.6-Jan 15  Mr. Palmer (168A)

Jan 16-Mar 6 Mrs Roth (154)

March 1-May 1 Giddings (152)

 Afternoons  4-4:30

 Nov 6-Jan 15  Ms. Marinella (158)

 Jan 16-March 6  Mr. Mitchell (160)

 March 16-May 1 Mrs. Gallegos (154)

Science:   Tuesday and Thursday mornings/afternoons  8:30-9/4-4:30

                   Mrs. Kimzey (162)

Math:   Tuesday  Mrs. Daggert (146) 4-4:45pm

             Wed.     Mrs. Larkins (151) 8:25-9:10am

             Thursday  Mrs. Valdez (144) 8:15-9am