National Junior Honor Society Constitution




We, the members of the Stapley National Junior Honor Society, do hereby establish this constitution to provide for the betterment of student education, to promote leadership, achievement, citizenship, self direction, school pride, scholarship, service and character in the student environment.




Section 1

The name of this organization shall be Stapley Junior High National Junior Honor Society.


Section 2

The purpose of this organization shall be to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to give service, promote leadership, develop character, and encourage citizenship.




Section 1

All powers of this organization must be approved by the principal of Stapley Junior High School. All powers are given to this organization by the National Association of Secondary Principals and the National Junior Honor Society.




Section 1 Officers Duties


It shall be the duty of the President to prepare meeting agendas and to preside at chapter meetings.  An effective president conducts interesting and lively meetings.  He/she will provide any amount of assistance and time to the service work attempted by the club.

            1.  Agenda

            2.  Communicate with sponsor

            3.  Conduct meetings

            4.  Oversee all service project

Vice President

The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the president. 

            1.  Conduct any meetings at which the president is not in attendance.

            2.  Organize and supervise all committees

            3.  Make sure all members know about all upcoming meetings and service



The secretary shall record the proceedings of each meeting, assist the president with the agenda, type the minutes of all meetings, and initiate and follow-up on any club correspondence.          

1.  Take and type any minutes of chapter and committee meetings

            2.  Maintain a calendar of chapter activities

            3.  Initiate and monitor all club correspondence 

Points Commissioner

The points commissioner shall maintain all membership records.

            1.  Coordinate G.P.A. lists with the counselor’s secretary

            2.  Record attendance of each member at meetings

            3.  Record service points

            4.  Record spirit points

Section 2 Election Officers

1.  Officers shall be self-nominated

2.  A majority of all members shall elect officers at a scheduled  

3.  Elections shall take place at the last general meeting of the school year

     or the beginning of the new school year

4.   All officers must be in eighth grade


Section 3

Additional responsibilities and duties of officers may be added as the need arises.




Section 1 Qualification

Members must be in seventh grade with a minimum of a 3.5 grade point average for at least three consecutive grading periods.  After selection, a member must maintain at least a 3.5 grade point average and exhibit exemplary character, leadership, citizenship, and service requirements.


Section 2 Nomination Procedure

The NJHS sponsors and/or the counseling office will notify eighth grade students who are scholastically eligible to become members at the end of the third quarter.  For further consideration, each applicant must complete an application form. 


Section 3 Selection

Selection of members to the chapter shall be by the Stapley Junior High National Junior Honor Society Board and Faculty Council.


Section 4 Induction

Seventh grade students that meet the requirements for selection shall be inducted into the National Junior Honor Society in a formal ceremony during the fourth quarter of the school year.


Section 5 Dismissal

            A.  Standards:  Members who fall below the standards of the nomination

                  and selection procedures shall be warned promptly in writing 
                  by the
 NJHS sponsor and placed on probation.  The deficiency must be

                  remedied by the next grading period or the member will be dismissed

                  from the club.  Members are required to earn 40 service points during

                  the school year and 10 spirit points.  Service hours must be turned in to

                  the Points Commissioner within the month.  Members earn 2 points for 

                  every hour of on-campus service and 4 points for every hour of

                  off-campus service.           

            B.  Unexcused Absences:  Two unexcused absences from a

                  scheduled meeting will be grounds for dismissal from the club. 

                  If a member acquires one unexcused absence, he/she will be notified

                  by the NJHS sponsor and  placed on probation.

            C.  Excused Absences:  All excused absences must be in writing and

                  turned in within the same week the absence occurs.  If a member

                  receives two or more unexcused absences, they may not be eligible  

                  for  the end of the year reward activity.  If a member has conflict with

                  another school function, they must be pre-approved to miss a meeting.

            D.  Flagrant Violations:  In case of flagrant violation of school rules

                  or civil laws, the student does not have to be warned.  The Faculty  

                  Council shall  determine when an individual has exceeded a

                  reasonable number of  warnings and will be dismissed from the club.


 Section 6 Due Process

In all cases of impending dismissal, a member shall have the right to a hearing before the Stapley National Junior Honor Society Faculty Council.




Section 1 Order

Meeting order of business will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.


Section 2 Planning

The executive committee shall establish a calendar of meetings at the beginning of each semester. Special meetings shall be called as needed.




Section 1 Ratification

A two thirds majority vote of the Constitutional Convention and a two thirds majority vote of the membership shall ratify this constitution at large.


Section 2 Amendments

Any member may propose amendments.  Proposed amendments must be read to members at a scheduled meeting and voted on by the membership at the next regular meeting.  Amendments will be ratified by a two thirds majority vote of the membership at large.


Section 3 NASSP

The national Constitution of the National Junior Society has supreme authority over this constitution.  All are subject to National Association of Secondary Principals.