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  Media Center

Phone: 472-2836 




Resource Center Specialist: Diana Rasmussen
Resource Center Assistant: Kristin Welch
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Library Hours:

    * 8:30 am - 4:00 pm M,T,TH & F
9:15 am - 4:00 pm Wed. 
    * No pass needed before or after school.
    * Passes needed to visit the library during the school day.
    * Lunchtime passes are available before school from Mrs. Rasmussen and Mrs. Welch

Checkout Policy:
    * Students MUST have their student ID to check out books. Students may check out 2 items for up to 2 weeks. Most books are due every two weeks. All materials are available for renewal for as long as the student needs, with one exception: if the item is on hold for another student, items may only be renewed once.

Overdue / Late Items:
    * Students with overdue materials may not check out items from the library until the overdue item is returned, renewed, or, if lost or damaged, paid for.
* If a student has lost a book, he/she must pay for the debt in the Bookstore and bring the receipt to the Library.

Internet Use:
* Computer use is a privilege, not a right. Student access to the network and the Internet is provided for educational purposes and research consistent with the school’s instructional goals

Making Copies:

    * Plan appropriately when using the computers; each page costs 10 cents to print

     Join the Stapley Library Advisory Club (SLAC'rs)! We will read books and then orally discuss them in a friendly, casual setting, make suggestions for acquisitions, prepare celebrations, contests and meet great authors!. Come join the SLAC'rs and your mind will be opened to great things when reading. See Mrs. Rasmussen in the Media Center and Mrs. Riccolo in Room 120 if you have any questions.