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Stapley Junior High 
  Media Center

Phone: 472-2836 



Resource Center Specialist: Diana Rasmussen
Resource Center Assistant: Kristin Welch
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Library Hours:

    * 8:45 am - 4:15 pm M,T,TH & F
      8:45 am - 3:45 pm Wed. 
    * No pass needed before or after school.
    * Passes needed to visit the library during the school day.
    * Lunchtime passes are available before school from Mrs. Rasmussen and Mrs. Welch

Checkout Policy:
    * Students MUST have their student ID to check out books. Students may check out 2 items for up to 2 weeks. Most books are due every two weeks. All materials are available for renewal for as long as the student needs, with one exception: if the item is on hold for another student, items may only be renewed once.

Overdue / Late Items:
    * Students with overdue materials may not check out items from the library until the overdue item is returned, renewed, or, if lost or damaged, paid for.
* If a student has lost a book, he/she must pay for the debt in the Bookstore and bring the receipt to the Library.

Internet Use:
* Computer use is a privilege, not a right. Student access to the network and the Internet is provided for educational purposes and research consistent with the school’s instructional goals

Making Copies:

    * Plan appropriately when using the computers; each page costs 10 cents to print