School and classroom rules:class

1. Respect yourself, others, and property

2. Follow school rules and dresscode

3. Do not interfere with the learning of others 

4.  Be prepared and ready to learn

 Consequences:  (one or a combination of the following consequences will be applied for not following the above rules)                   

  • Verbal reminder of the standard
  • Conference with the teacher
  • Parent involvement
  • Teacher-assigned detention
  • Behavior/Academic contract
  • Consultation with a counselor
  • Referral to administration

Severe Offense- referral to office

Materials Needed Daily:

  • Notebook or loose leaf paper

  • Pencil and eraser

  • A folder will be provided for class

 Homework Policy:

  • Homework will only be given if work is not completed in class. 


  • You are still responsible for all missed assignments, notes, and any other work when absent from class.   Ask for assistance when you return. 

  • You will have the same number of days to make up missing work for each day you’re absent.

  • Grading Policy:

Grades = points earned/points possible

90%-100% = A

80% - 89% = B

70% - 79% = C         

60% - 69% = D

59% and below = F