Progress 1 Parent Newsletter 1st Hour Homeroom


September 8, 2017

Dear Parents of Mrs. Smithson’s First Hour,

Thumbs up to a great start to the year. Students have been working hard inside and outside of class. I am still waiting on a few students to turn in their Time Capsules, so please ask your son/daughter if they have done this. Any information regarding instructions can be found on our CANVAS page. Also, please check the calendar on the canvas page too. I try to keep it updated.

We are busy establishing a routine in English Language Arts. Please take a look at my school  webpage, as I have added a few more things that might help you understand our routine. We are always in need of classroom supplies and I listed them on my webpage. One thing I have learned is that I have planned for more than we can possibly accomplish, which is a good thing but some things may have to go on the back burner. We may not be able to read our novel, Stargirl, this quarter. I will keep you posted.

First hour is also our homeroom and we have the opportunity to participate in Stapley Survivor. Our team name, voted on by the class members, is SMITHSON SOLDIERS. On Thursday, September 21 our class will participate in a lip sync battle. It is a high-energy, fun event that requires some planning. Some students have volunteered to help with creating our flag and another has volunteered to help organize a medley of patriotic songs to play in our allotted 90 seconds. All students are required to go on stage. I am giving them the choice to be on the sidelines or take time in front of the microphone lip syncing but all must participate to earn our Survivor points.

I am asking each student to dress in camouflage or to wear red, white, or blue for this event. If they have a bandana that they can wear around their head or arm, that would be wonderful and unite us. We are still in the planning process, but we might need help with materials to make props for our lip sync. I will let the students know what we need, but anything you can do to help support us in this matter is very much appreciated.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know your son/daughter and their unique personalities. I look forward to a fabulous school year.

Mrs. Angela Smithson