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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to math skill builder.  This class is set up to help your child be successful in their math class.  We will be working on personal goals for math, as well supporting each other throughout our math class.  Our grades will be updated by Monday and/or Friday.  The majority of our grades will depend on the homework or work we are working on in our math class.  We will also be using a planner to become more organized and to help us keep up with all our class work.

Classroom Rules and Expectations:
1.  Respect all people and property
2.  Arrive in your seat by the last bell
3.  Sit in your assigned seat daily
4.  Raise your hand to speak

Some other expectations will be that all electronic devices will not be used in class.  If seen or heard, it will be confiscated.

Conference period is before 3rd period Monday through Friday.  Students will not leave their conference period classroom without a pass signed by a teacher or a properly designated color club pass.  Students who remain in class will be expected to use the time in conference for academic purposes, such as reading, studying, or reviewing class materials.

Ms. Bethany Ringwald

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