Mr. Palmer's Syllabus


Hello and welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies. I am thrilled to be your teacher and know we will have an amazing year together. Below you will see what we are covering this year, my expectation of you are, and information that will help you succeed. Please know that I am always available to provide extra assistance so don’t be afraid to ask. By reading and signing these policies, you are acknowledging your awareness and acceptance to abide by these policies in this classroom at all times.


Units of Study

Geography+5 Themes, Arizona History, Westward Expansion/ Pre Civil War, Civil War, Reconstruction, Industrial Age, Progressive Era, Imperialism, World War 1, 1920’s, The Great Depression, Pre-World War II


Classroom Rules

  •  Follow all Stapley and Mesa Public Schools’ rules, including, but not limited to, the dress code and electronics policies.
  •  Come to class on time.  You need to be in your seat when the bell rings.

o   We start the lesson as soon as the bell rings.

  •  Come to class prepared. Have a writing utensil, homework, notebook, binder, etc.

o   I have so extra supplies, but don’t expected it will always be available.

  •  Respect those around you, their property, their views and their right to learn.

o   (No talking out of turn name-calling, swearing)

  • You are not permitted to get out of your seat (throw trash away, get a tissue, got to the bathroom, etc.

o   90% of the time I will give you permission, the remaining 10% I will ask you to wait until the next transition within the lesson.

Every class is different and together we will create additional rules to create a better classroom environment throughout the year if needed.


Classroom Consequences

Step 1: Warning/ reminder of the rule broken

Step 2: Warning/ discussion of behavior

Step 3 and 4: Teacher will contact parent or guardian and student will serve a 10 minute detention

Step 5: Referred to administration


Bathroom Policies

Unless it is an emergency the bathroom will not be accessible to students during the first 7 minutes of and last 7 minutes of class.  It is during this time attendance, warm up, and wrap up procedures are given.


Electronics Policies

This class will utilize electronics weekly during Social Studies to be more interactive (i.e. Nearpods, Google Classroom, Kahoot, Quizizz. etc). Students may use their devices to participate in the lesson and activities, but if a student is found using their device for outside purposes such as texting, playing games, or on the internet Mr. Palmer will follow Stapley’s electronics policy and student or parent will have to retrieve the device from the office.



Grades in this class are computed on a regular 10% scale.  

                                    90-100%= A

                                    80-89% = B

                                    70-79%= C

                                    60-69%= D

                                    0-59%= F

Late Work

Any missing or make up assignments may be turned in any time before the current Unit Test. Any papers submitted afterwards without special permission from Mr. Palmer will not be recorded.



During class students are expected to be an active participant.  You should be actively involved in class discussions, group assignments, partner work and role plays. Planner and notebook checks are part of this grade.  



If you are absent the day an assignment is due, all work must be turned in the day you return (including tests/ project days). For extended absence (i.e. - Family vacation for five days), you will have the same amount of days to make up and turn in the work for credit. It is your Responsibility to get the makeup work and the daily notes from me to make up. Please see me before or after class-Not During- to find out what you missed. If you know you will be absent please see me in advance. I do not want you to fall behind.


Classroom Materials

*A 3 ring binder or a folder dedicated to this class will help you stay organized.

            --During class, you will be answering daily questions, taking notes and

            receiving handouts.  The folder/binder will be turned in periodically for a 


*Loose leaf paper                               *glue stick

*colored pencils                                    * markers

*flashdrive (to be shared with English)



PARENTS:  Please follow me on REMIND.COM ( or (text 81010 @capalmer)



Student Signature: __________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: __________________________________________