Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Welcome to 8th Grade English. I would like to take this opportunity to review my classroom expectations so that this will be a rewarding school year for all of us. Below are the expectations, rules, and policies in my class. You can find all of this in the Parent Letter that was sent home at the beginning of the year. Click on the link to see or keep scrolling.


1.         Be on time. Be ready when the bell rings.

2.         Be prepared to study and learn.

3.         Participate positively and work to learn.

4.         Follow teacher directions, class rules, and procedures.

5.         Show respect to the teacher, other students, and yourself.

6.         Follow all other school rules.

7.      Complete all homework and assignments



  1. Procedures: 
  •  Beginning of class routine 

+ High-five Ms. Littlefield and greet her

+ Pick up paper/items from the front table

+ Turn-in any homework

+ Pick-up writing journals from the bookcase (MAKE SURE IT IS YOURS)

+ Fill out Agenda

+ Sit at your desk and get ready to learn 

+ When the bell rings we start class, so be ready

  • Tardiness

+ If you are tardy, even if it is excused/you have a pass, you must sign the paper to the left of the door on the clipboard. I will check after ever class. If you do not sign in, you will be marked absent.
+ 3 unexcused tardies = 20 min. detention
+ Bathroom
+ Ask during work time not while I am talking
+ If you need use the restroom, give me a pass and sign out on the clipboard to the right of the door by the hall passes. YOU MUST TAKE A PASS!!!!
+ When you return from the bathroom, sign back in and return the pass.
+ You get 3 passes per quarter. Any leftover can be turned in for extra credit (up to 5 per quarter)

  • Library

+ For the first month of school, you CANNOT sign-out any book from my personal library.
+ When you want to sign-out a book, you must tell me and I must give you the ok.
+ Then you will go pick a book and sign it out on the clipboard to the left of the bookcase.
+ Ask during free/work time or before/after school.

2. Class Information

  • Missing days

+ If you miss a day, look through the paper in the folders in the back of the room. Talk to your shoulder partner/group and figure out what you missed
+ If you missed a test or quiz, you must make it up by the next day either before or after school. Make an appointment with me to ensure I am here.

  • Turn-in work

+ Turn-in classwork/homework into your turn-in slot in the back of the room on top of the bookcase

  • Late Work

+ If work is late, it will only receive 50% unless you have a late pass. If you have a late pass, you must tell me you are using it beforehand (on the day the assignment is due).
+ No late work accepted the last week of each quarter

  •  Make-up Work

+ You have one day for every day you miss up to 5 days.
+ Make-up after or before, NOT during class
+ If a quiz or test is not made-up in the time period, then the students will receive a 0 and will not be allowed to make it up.

  • If you know you will be gone for an extended period, please let me know at least 3 days in advance so I can get your work put together for you.

3. Class Tools

  • We use the Stapley Planner every day. Make sure you have it.
  • Group work/competition

+ Each group will come up with a group name and poster
+ Groups will win points for having their work done, working together well, being ready, etc. and will lose points for not having their work done, goofing off instead of working, etc.
+ At the end of the week, the group with the most points gets to spin the wheel to win a late pass, hall/bathroom pass, candy, pencils, pens, leaving their notebooks of knowledge in class, etc.

  • Think – pair – share

+ Think = work by yourself
+ Pair = (or shoulder partner) work with a partner at your shoulder
+ Share = your shoulder partner and you work with the shoulder partnership next to you (either in front or behind) typically four people to a group 

  •  Discussion Rules

+ track and listen to all questions and answers.
+ think of answers to all questions.
+ prepare to share our answers aloud.
+ use wait time to think and prepare our answers.
+ allow others to use wait time when we ask a question.
+ ask questions when confused or curious.
+ show respect for others and their ideas.