This will let you know what you missed in class. Please make sure you talk to your group about what you have missed and collect any worksheets you missed.


Week #1

  • Monday: Gothic Intro/New Team Flags
  • Tuesday: Poe Intro/Dramatic Irony/Finish Team Flags
  • Wednesday: Vocab Review VOCAB 4 CORNELL NOTES DUE
  • Thursday: Tell-Tale Heart + RARE/Plot Chart/Literary Elements
  • Friday: Tell-Tale Heart + RARE/Plot Chart/Literary Elements

Week #2

  • Monday: The Landlady
  • Tuesday: The Landlady + Foreshadowing/Direct vs. Indirect characterization/RARE
  • Wednesday: Vocab Review + Police Report
  • Thursday: Police Report
  • Friday: SSR/Vocab Test

Week #3

  • Monday: Tone and Mood
  • Tuesday: The Raven
  • Wednesday: The Raven/Missing work day
  • Thursday: Read the Monkey's Paw
  • Friday: The Monkey's Paw RARE and Pre-writing Strategy

Week #4

  • Monday: Dialogue PowerPoint and Activity/Missing Work
  • Tuesday: Read the Third Wish
  • Wednesday: The Third Wish RARE and Pre-Writing Strategy
  • Thursday: Work Day/Test Retake Day
  • Friday: NO SCHOOL

Week #5

  • Monday: Outline of Compare and Contrast Essay
  • Tuesday: Start writing the essay
  • Wednesday: Writing the essay/Revision
  • Thursday: Revision of essay
  • Friday: Final draft of essay DUE NOV. 22nd!

Week #6

  • Monday: Finish writing essay 
  • Tuesday: Toy for Tots Assembly and missing work day
  • Wednesday: Movie day/Review of irony and plot chart DUE AT THE END OF CLASS