Mrs. Brazier
Stapley's Orchestra, Video Journalism, and Video Production Teacher

About me...

I started playing the violin as a 4th grade student on a whim, not ever knowing that I would fall in love with music enough for it to become my career.  I entered Tucson's youth orchestra scene at a young age, stayed actively involved with my school and youth orchestras, and switched from violin to viola a few years before starting college.  I earned my bachelor's degree in Music Education from Arizona State University and my master's degree in Educational Leadership from the American College of Education.  Throughout my time at ASU I studied viola with Nancy Buck, taught with the ASU String Project, and performed with the ASU Symphony.  After my graduation in 2008, I joined Gilbert Public Schools and taught elementary strings for four years.  While working in Gilbert, I began working with East Valley Youth Symphony as their Strings Specialist for  a few years.  I joined the Stapley staff in 2012 and have enjoyed every moment of working with such phenomenal students.  Junior high (especially Stapley) is such a blast!  

My passion for music and education extends far beyond my workday.  I have the privilege of working with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony each week as the Division 4 conductor. I served the Arizona Music Educators Association as their secretary for the 2013-2015 term and will serve again in the future.  Music is an incredibly important part of my life; I hope to pass this on to all of my students.  

I also am also our school's Video Journalism and Video Production teacher.  I have such a fun time helping our students create a vision for our school's daily announcements and making sure that these classes support the community at Stapley.  I love finding projects for these technology classes that help empower students with new knowledge and appreciation for photography, movie making, and music making.

On a personal note, my free time is spent with my family which includes my husband, our sweet son who turned one in November, our two dogs, and our two cats.  I love reading, swimming, practicing yoga, and spending time outside when the weather isn't too warm.  I might also have a slight addiction to traveling.

I look forward to a wonderful year with all of you!  

Mrs. Brazier
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