Grading Policy

Students will earn an achievement grade at the end of each quarter.  The following categories contribute to each student’s grade:


Projects                                                                     50% 

Classroom Participation                                          25% 

Written Assessment                                                 25%



Classroom Participation

Students will earn 5 points a day for on-task, productive behavior.  Daily points can and will be deducted for inappropriate behavior that interferes with a student’s ability to contribute to the class.  This includes a lack of attention during class as well as disruptive or off-task behavior.



This is a project-based class.  Students will be graded based on rubrics created for each unique class project.


Written Assessment

All written assignments (worksheets, quizzes, and tests) will factor into this portion of each student's grade.

Electronics Agreement
Personal Electronics

This course is one that can often be enhanced by personal technology use. Students are expected to use their phones and other electronics for class use only at times when personal electronics are permitted.  Misuse of electronics during class time will result in confiscation as well as a deduction in participation points.