žDo all of your homework
žLine up outside the door
žSay “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon”
žTurn in homework
žSharpen pencils
žGet out Materials

žFound on the side board
žOutlines the classroom activities
žCan and will change
žKeep it neat
žNumber each sheet, front and back
žEach side of the sheet is called a page
žThe Table of Contents helps Mrs. Brown find your work, use it!
žLabel each week and assignment
žNearly every assignment is done in the notebook
žIf you forget your notebook, do your work on a piece of paper that must be glued/taped into your notebook later
žTurn in to the crate on your class day for grading (odd weeks only)
—1st Period: Monday
—3rd Period: Tuesday
—5th Period: Wednesday
—7th Period: Thursday
žThe objective and essential question outlines the classroom activity. This is found on the whiteboard and/or Smart Board
žIt must be written in your notebook, before bell work
žMrs. Brown has a small library in the front bookshelf
žBooks may be checked out for 2 weeks at a time
žThe Checkout Clipboard is on the second shelf
žDamaged or lost books will need to be replaced
žIf you need to contact me outside of school, you may email me at
žPut your name and class period in the subject line
žAssignments that are emailed must have the assignment title, your name, and class period in the subject line
žAll assignments should have a proper header (name, class, assignment title, due date) and be typed in 12 pt Times News Roman font
žPlease be sure to use appropriate language and grammar when emailing your ENGLISH TEACHER
žMrs. Brown follows the step form
ž1st offense: verbal warning/one-on-one
ž2-4th offense: parent contact + possible consequence (detention, trash duty, etc.)
ž5th offense: office referral
—No cologne, perfume, hairspray, etc. sprayed in the class please. This is a classroom rule that will result in a STEP.