Coach Dobson’s Class Rules and Grading Policy

Stapley Physical Education/Weight Training


Course Description:

Ø       Individual and team sports

Ø       Sportsmanship

Ø       Physical fitness training

Ø       Health

Ø       Reading and writing


P.E. Dress Out is Mandatory 

Ø       Gray Stapley P.E. T-shirt with your name on it. (available in Stapley bookstore)

Ø       Maroon Stapley shorts with your name on it.  (available in Stapley bookstore)

Ø       Tennis shoes properly tied to prevent injury

Athletic shorts (no pockets) with a white or gray short  sleeved T-shirt (no logo) are acceptable. Your name must be on the front of your shirt and shorts.



**Any student forgetting their P.E. uniform will be issued a loaner for the day.  Refusal to wear the loaner set is considered defiance of authority and will result in severe and immediate consequences.



Each class period is worth 10 points and based on a weighted 100% grading scale.

Grade weights will be calculated as follows:

Ø       Participation/Effort – 45%          

Ø       Attendance/Proper dress – 45%

Ø       Unit & FitnessTests – 10%


Students are encouraged to complete make-up work to earn points lost due to injury, illness, or other excused absences. For each excused day, the student can come in the morning or after school for a physical make up.


Excused Absences:

A parent note is needed for a student to be excused from activity. Medically excused students are still expected to dress out and participate in modified activities if at all possible. If a student needs to be excused for more than 3 consecutive days, a doctor’s note is needed.


**All classes that are missed, result in a zero for the day and must be made up by the student before the end of the grading period. 



Students are expected to be inside the locker room before the bell.  Upon the students third tardy, a detention will be issued.



Following the above rules and guidelines will ensure success in class.  Choosing not to follow the above rules and guidelines will result in in one or a combination of the following consequences:

  • Verbal reminder of the standard
  • Conference with the teacher
  • Behavior modification activity
  • Parent involvement
  • Isolation from the class
  • Teacher assigned detention/Work duty
  • Behavior/Academic contract
  • Consultation with a counselor
  • Referral to administration

Severe clause:  Any offence deemed serious enough by the teacher will result in immediate referral to administration.








We have read the information provided and understand it.  We agree to abide by these classroom policies and requirements.


Student Name______________________ Student Signature_______________________


Parent Signature____________________ Phone (home) __________ (work) __________

Please describe any medical conditions: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________