Brimhall Career and Technical Education

Industrial Technology Safety Letter


Welcome to Industrial Technology.  This letter contains some information that we want you to share with your parents or guardians. There is a page at the end that has to be filled in, signed, and returned before you can work on any machine or tool in the department.  We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to a great semester with you.



The safety of every student in a lab depends on each student taking responsibility for his/her actions in that lab or classroom.   Comprehensive instruction in both General Shop Safety and Machine Safety, including lectures and demonstrations, will be given, and each student is required to pass a series of tests related to that instruction.  Unsafe conduct will not be tolerated.  Habitual safety violations will result in loss of shop privileges.

All students will be required to wear a pair of ANSI approved safety glasses during Lab activities. 


Project Work:

·     Any optional or extra-curricular project work must be authorized in writing before it may begin. All required projects for a class must be completed before any extra projects can be made.

·     All project work must be paid for before it is removed from the department.

·     Normally, no credit will be given for project work completed outside of the labs.

·     Project and activity work makes up the major part of the students’ grades (75-85%).

·     A shop materials fee is paid to the bookstore at registration to cover costs of take-home projects and equipment.  In some cases, students need to add to that account to pay for additional materials and/or equipment, or to cover the cost of lost or intentionally damaged tools, materials, or equipment.



All students are assigned clean-up jobs and are required to complete them satisfactorily in order to continue to participate in lab activities.  They are expected to quit working as soon as clean-up is called.  This is a very important part of the participation grade. 


General Conduct: 

Any student may be restricted from practical lab activities and privileges for choosing not to comply with departmental rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.  The student will be confined to a seated location with written assignments for a specified period of time (1-20 days).  Parent/Guardians will be contacted should this become necessary. Violation of the following expectations will result in immediate restriction:


  1. Horseplay or unsafe/disruptive conduct which could endanger the students or equipment in the classroom/lab.
  2. Making a project intended to be used for drug consumption or as a weapon.
  3. Making a project implying or containing vulgar, profane, suggestive, gang related, or otherwise inappropriate text or images.
  4. Entering restricted areas without permission.
  5. Unauthorized possession of equipment or materials belonging to the school, a teacher, or to another student.
  6. Intentionally defacing or destroying property belonging to the school, a teacher, or to another student.
  7. Using machines or equipment inappropriately or without permission.


All expectations and regulations governing student conduct and dress outlined in the Student Handbook will be enforced.