Final Examination Options:

There are a total of 4 main options 

(all options DUE WEDNESDAY, 3-11-2015, SAME DAY OF TEST):


 -Take on phone or another wireless electronic device 

 -Use Scantron (bubble sheet)

 -Make own quiz-If you are making your own these are the requirements: 

a) Create question for each of the 14 vocabulary words

b) Add Images, Video or song clips, diagrams

c) 4 answers, at least 1 of them have to be correct

d) Share with me through Google school account (I will show you how if you choose this option)

e) Has to be created by you

2. Create a poster (include pictures, vocabulary words from Volcano and Earthquake unit plus definitions)

Students had an opportunity to view samples from the constellation unit posters and take pictures of them for reference.

3. Create a model

a) create a scene of a volcano and earthquake using the vocabulary words

b) labeling with vocabulary works using toothpicks and tabs identifying each scene with a vocabulary words

4. Go on a field trip (volcanoes) 

-bring brochure or take pictures from you phone

-write a summary or your personal journey of your trip describing the details using the vocabulary words in the proper context

***Must do own individual work ( no partners or group work)

***All options must be done at home EXCEPT  1. 

-Take on phone or another wireless electronic device 

-Use scan-tron (bubble sheet)

Writing Across Curriculum

Complete by Thursday 3-05-15:

5 paragraph argumentative essay

Works Cited Example


Earthquake 5 E Presentation

Please view link: Earthquake Presentation Example  
Please view link: Hints for Oral Presentation
Incorporate STEAM into presentation:) See Below:
S=science (Earthquakes),
T=technology (Chromebooks,, and Google docs),
E=engineering (construction of buildings and bridges affected by the Earthquakes),
A=Arts (Use phone to film short video clip)
M=math Earthquake power (click on link to go to worksheet)
  • Bullet points only for slide info
  • No More than 20 Words for each bullet point 
  • No more than 3-5 bullet points per page
  • Let your PICTURE (image), SONG CLIP, VIDEO CLIP, PRODUCTION CLIP, KAHOOT.IT do all the talking for you.
  • Create note cards to help you during presentation

4. Presentation order will be 1st done is first on the list.
5. HAVE FUN!! 
groups of 3 or 4
-six slides
-use your phone to create a production and insert it on one of the slides
-with the other 4 slides pick a short song or video or image
-finally on the evaluate slide use to create a five question evaluation


Complete by Tuesday 2-17-15:

Volcanoes:  Monday Feb. 2


Volcano Presentation

Research various volcanoes.

Research TYPES of volcanoes.

Choose one to further research.

Find facts on your volcano including where it is located, history of activity, what type of volcano.  Present your volcano with your classmates. Research will take place on Monday and Tuesday in the library using chrome books.  You and your partner must speak during presentation. Wednesday you will present your volcano to the class.

  • Between 8-10 slides
  • bullet points (not wordy)
  • video and audio limited to 5 min. total for entire presentation

Slides BELOW are DUE: Monday 2-2-15

Plate Tectonics Vocabulary Slides:

Transform Fault





Divergent Boundary

Sea Floor Spreading

Mid-ocean Ridge

Rift Valley

Faulted Mountain

Convergent Boundary

Folded Mountains


Continental Drift

Plate Tectonics

Slides BELOW are DUE: Monday 1-23-15


*Earth's Layers 

*Convection currents in the mantle

*Plate tectonics: Describe 3 types of plate movement:  Convergent, Divergent, Transform

*Alfred Wegener

*Pangaea explanation compared to Present day continental location on Earth

*Harry Hess

*Seafloor Spreading

You May work in groups of 2-3:)