Classroom Procedures


Behavior Policy:

Stapley Handbook 2014-2015

Grading Policy:

Student’s assignments are graded on a point scale with all assignments being assigned a certain point value. The more entailed the assignment the higher the point value. 

  • 90-99          A
  • 80-89          B
  • 70-79          C
  • 60-69          D
  • 59 Below     F 
  •  (Please contact me on all F assignments to see how student can be helped to increase their grade.) It usually means the student did not complete the assignment to the best of their ability.


Assignment Requirements:

Students are expected to adhere to due dates of the assignment to receive full credit for their work. There is ample time given to complete an assignment in class if the student stays focused on the task at hand but if work needs to be finished at home an extra evening will be given.

On-Line Grades

Students grades will be updated at least every 2 weeks. Click here-->  Parent Portal Icon.

 You will need your Parent Portal code which you can get from the front office to access this program.