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***assignments due the next day unless otherwise noted***


Big Ideas Book Click Here to Access Blue 8th grade Big Ideas Textbook


Homework Policy:  Daily practice is necessary for students to be successful in math class.  We continuously need to practice skills in order to build on them and apply them to contextual problems.  Assignments are given on a daily basis and due at the beginning of the next class period.  Assignments are given in a variety of formats – online, worksheet, etc.  Work must always be shown!!  NO WORK=NO CREDIT until completed as expected.  Big Ideas Assignments submitted online must be accompanied with work/steps shown on a lined sheet of paper. Students will be given one late pass per unit. Any other late work will be accepted for 70% of the earned credit.  Any late work for a unit must be turned by the day of the unit test.  If all assignments are turned in for the unit, the late pass may be turned in for extra credit on the day of the unit test.  

How to set up homework paper click here:  If an assignments is submitted online, students must turn in a formal homework paper the day it is due, showing all questions and steps require.


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