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Big Ideas Book Click Here to Access Blue 8th grade Big Ideas Textbook


How to set up homework paper click here:  If an assignments is submitted online, students must turn in a formal homework paper the day it is due, showing all questions and steps require.


Unit 4 Study Guide KEY



Week:  Nov 20 - 24

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

Unit 4 Review

Unit 4 Chapter Review in Big Ideas  Pg.     #'s 1 -27


Unit 4 Review


 Wednesday Unit 4 Test



No School

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Friday No School


Week:  Nov 13-17

Challenge of the Week (extra credit) Due Friday:  Star picture click here  Instructions click here

Weekly Review: Q2Wk5 Pink click here 

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

4.5 Standard Form Notes click here

4.5 worksheet


4.7 Point slope form Day 1

4.7 Day 1 worksheet

 Wednesday 4.7 Point slope form Day 2 

4.7 Textbook pg. 188 #12 - 17 (Submit online and turn in on paper)  & Study for quiz on 4.1-4.7


Quiz 4.1 - 4.7 and Study Guide

study guide

 Friday  Unit 4 Study Guide  finish study guide  (Challenge of The Week Due)

Week:  Nov 6-9

Weekly Review: Q2Wk4 Blue click here 

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

4.4 Slope intercept form Day 1 notes click here

4.4 Day 1 wksheet


4.4 Graphing in Slope intercept form Day 2 notes click here

4.4 Day 2 wksheet

 Wednesday 4.6 Writing Equations from Graphs notes Day 1 click here

4.6 pg 182# 2, 5-12


4.6 Graphing Stained Glass activity & graph

Finish activity due Tues & begin pink weekly review


no school

Week:  Oct 30 - Nov 3

Challenge of the Week (extra credit):  Find a picture for each type of slope. Print off or email to me. Label each picture.  Due Monday, Nov 6th. 

Weekly Review: Q2Wk3 Green

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

4.2 slope formula foldable notes click here

Video on finding slope with formula

4.2 pg 153# 13,14,16,19,21,22,23,25,31 (32 bonus) Complete online and show all work on paper. You must write formula for EVERY question.


4.2ext Perpendicular & parallel lines

Work on Green Weekly Review

 Wednesday 4.1 & 4.2 Practice in class

Finish classwork


4.3 Direction Variation

4.3 worksheet


Quiz &  Slope worksheet

Finish slope worksheet

Week:  Oct 23 - Oct 27

Weekly Review: Q2Wk2 Yellow

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   

Finish Study guide for Unit 3 test 



Test - Unit 3

"What you Learned Before W/S"

 Wednesday 4.1 Graphing lines with tables

4.1 Practice W/S


4.2 Slope

4.2 textbook

Pg 153   #'s 1-3, 7-12

 Friday Solving Equations for Y activity

Finish Solving for y activity if not completed in class & Q2wk3 weekly review

Solving Equations for Y Directions


Week Of:  Oct 16 - Oct 20 

Weekly Review: Q2 W1 Weekly Review

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            3.1 and 3.2 Day 2 Angle Relationships (Class notes)  HW:   3.1 & 3.2 Worksheet

 3.4 Using Similar Figures (Class Notes)

 HW:  3.4 Practice Worksheet
 Wednesday  3.3 Finding Interior Angles of Polygons (Class Notes)  HW: Pg 123 #'s: 10-14, 16-17, 32, 37 (#21 Bonus)
 Thursday  3.3 Finding Exterior Angles of Polygons (Class Notes)  HW: Vocab Review and Weekly Review

 Vocabulary Quiz 

  HW:  Study Guide Ch 3

STARS Practice Test Answer Key Click Here

Week Of:  Oct 2 - Oct 6 

Weekly Review: NONE

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            STARS Review  HW:  Tessellations Project Due Wed.


 HW:  Tessellations Project Due Wed
 Wednesday  3.1 Parallel Lines and Transversals   (Student notes Click here)  (Foldable Notes)  HW:  Parallel Lines 3.1 Worksheet
 Thursday  3.2 Angles Of Triangles (Student Notes)  Classwork:   Ticket out the door

 Dilation Activity 

  Extra Credit   Due Monday after Fall Break

Week Of:  Sept 25 - Sept 29 

Weekly Review:  Q1W6 Blue 

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            2.5 Similar Figures (Notes Click Here)  HW:  Pg 74   #'s: 1-2, 4, 8-11, 13, 17-18 

Review 2.1 - 2.5 

Quiz 2.1 - 2.4

 HW:  Chapter Review
 Wednesday  2.7 Dilations (Notes Click Here)  HW:  2.7 Dilations Worksheet
 Thursday  Review Unit 2 Test  HW:   Study Guide 

 Unit 2 Test


Week Of:  Sept 18 - Sept 22 

Weekly Review:  Q1Wk5 Yellow

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            2.1 Congruent Figures (Notes: Click Here)   HW:  Pg 46   #'s:  1-3, 6-9, 11-12   (Caped Crusader Graphing W/S(due Wed)
 Tuesday  2.2 Translations (Notes: Click Here)  HW:  Translations Worksheet   (Caped Crusader Graphing W/S(due Wed)
 Wednesday  2.3  Reflections (Notes: Click Here)  HW:  Rotations Worksheet (Front Side Only)
 Thursday  2.4 Rotations Part 1 (Notes: Click Here)  HW:  Rotations Worksheet (Back Side)

 2.4 Rotations Part 2


  Begin Blue Weekly Review Q1W6

Week Of:  Sept 11 - Sept 15 

Weekly Review:  Q1Wk4 Green

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            1.4 Solving Equations for y.   (Click Here)   #1, 5-11
 Tuesday  Review for Unit 1 Test   Study Guide Part 1 (Click Here)    (Answer Key)
 Wednesday  Review for Unit 1 Test   Study Guide Part 2 (Click Here)     
 Thursday  Review for Unit 1 Test   Study Guide Part 2
 Friday  Unit 1 Test   Coordinate Plane Puzzle.   Begin Q1Wk5 Weekly Review  (click here)

Week Of:  Sept 4 - Sept 8 

Weekly Review:  Q1Wk3 Blue

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            No School - Labor Day
 Tuesday  1.3 Equations Solutions: One, Infinite, and No Solutions (Click Here)  Textbook Pg 23 #'s 1, 7, 8, 17-20, 24, 26 
 Wednesday  1.3 Equations: Multi-Step with Combining Like Terms (Click Here)  Textbook #'s 6, 9, 15, 21, 27, 31, 36, 39
 Thursday  1.3 Equations: Multi-Step with Distributive Property (Click Here)  Textbook  #'s 10-13, 22-23, 25, 28, 29
 Friday  1.4 Equations: Rewriting Formulas & Solving for Y   Begin W310eekly Review Q1W4 (click here)


Week Of:  Aug 28th - Sept 1st 

Weekly Review:  Q1Wk2 Yellow

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            Distributive Property/Combine Like Terms notes (Click Here) Combine Like Terms/Distribute Worksheet
 Tuesday  1.2 Equations: Combine Like Terms ~ Variable on one side (Click Here)  Solving Equations after Combining Like Terms Worksheet
 Wednesday  1.2 Equations: Distributive Property ~ Variable on one side (Click Here)  Textbook Pg 14 #'s: 2-4, 6-7, 9-12, 14 (15 bonus)
 Thursday  1.3 Equations: Multi Step with Variables on both sides (Click Here)     Equations with Variables on Both sides Worksheet
 Friday  Quiz (integers, fractions, decimals, 1 & 2 step equations, distributive prop)    Begin Weekly Review Q1W3(click here)

Week Of:  Aug 21st - Aug 25th

Weekly Review:  Q1Wk1 Pink

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            1.1 One Step Equations with Integers and decimals notes (Click here)           Textbook 1.1 pg7 #7,10,11,15,16,19-22 (must submit on Big Ideas & Turn in paper with all steps)
 Tuesday  1.1 One Step Equations with fractions notes (Click Here) Textbook 1.1 pg7  #13,14,23,25,27,31,34,36,37,(44 bonus) (must submit on Big Ideas & Turn in paper with all steps)
 Wednesday  1.2 Two Step Equations  with integers and decimals (Click Here)   Two Step Equations with integers worksheet (click  here)
 Thursday  1.2 Two Step Equations with fractions (Click Here)    Two Step Equations with fractions worksheet (click  here) 
 Friday  STARS Diagnositc   Begin Week 2 Weekly Review Yellow (click here)

Week Of:  Aug 14th - Aug 18th

Weekly Review:  None

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday            Decimal/Integer Notes (Click here)                 Integers Review A Worksheet
 Tuesday   Fraction Notes Foldable  Decimal/Fraction Review Worksheet
 Wednesday   Order of Operations Notes in comp book & Organize Comp book (Click here for directions)   Finish Decimal/Fraction Review Worksheet
 Thursday   1.1 Equations  1 step notes in comp book (Click Here)   Equations Worksheet #1
 Friday  Review Quiz (decimals, fractions, order of operations, integers)  Intro to Lenovo computers    None


Week Of:  Aug 9th - Aug 11th

Weekly Review:  None

           In Class & Notes                                  Homework/Assignments                                                   
 Monday              No School                                          
 Tuesday    No School  
 Wednesday    Syllabus & Intro   Bring yellow syllabus signed by Friday
 Thursday    Pre-Test   Bring yellow syllabus signed by Friday
 Friday   Review: Add/Subtract Integers & Decimals  Notes (Click Here)   School Supplies Due Monday