8th Grade Pre-Algebra

Welcome to 8th grade Pre-Algebra! This course covers concepts including equations, geometry, functions, and data analysis. This year, in order to create an environment where students take responsibility for learning, I expect you to participate in class discussions, in-class and at-home lessons, and collaborative group work.   You will be required to critically think, model your work, and be able to describe and defend your conclusions verbally, with algorithms, and in written paragraph form.  I look forward to a successful year together!


Units we are developing using the Arizona Mathematics Standards.

Unit 1: Equations

Unit 2:  Transformations

Unit 3:  Angles and Triangles

Unit 4:  Graphing and Writing Linear Equations

Unit 5:  Systems of Linear Equations

Unit 6:  Functions

Unit 7:  Real Numbers and Pythagorean Theorem

Unit 8:  Volume and Similar Solids

Unit 9:  Data Analysis and Display

Unit 10:  Exponents and Scientific Notation

Additional Units: Compound Probability & Solving Inequalities


1.  Supplies:

Required for Class:

∞ Pencils  (many and any type), Erasers, and Pens (any colors),

∞ Dry Erase Markers (Several - Fine tip)

∞ Composition Book (1) for notes (lined - college ruled)

∞ Loose-leaf lined paper for assignments

∞Basic Scientific Calculator

∞ Folder to hold all handouts OR "math" section in binder

∞ Recommended: Scotch Tape, Colored pencils, hand held pencil sharpener

∞ Appreciated: Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer


2.      Classroom Expectations:

∞ Be Respectful: to yourself, others, and all property

∞ Be Prepared: with all required work and materials needed for class.

∞ Be Ready: seated and ready to work when bell rings

∞ Follow all school rules in the Stapley student handbook


3.      Consequences: May include one or more of the following

∞ Verbal Reminder                                                         ∞ Behavior/Academic Contract                      

∞ Removal from class                                                     ∞ Referral to Administration           

∞ Conference with teacher and/or parent                       ∞ Work Detail

∞ Detention-teacher assigned 15 or 30 minutes before or after school only (not lunch)


4.      Homework:  (Homework Policy)

∞ Expected homework approximately four to five days a week. Assignments must be fully completed and are due at the BEGINNING of the class period.

∞ All homework MUST be completed in PENCIL. Illegible handwriting or completion in pen will result

    in re-doing the assignment or no credit.

∞ You MUST show ALL steps and reasonably attempt ALL questions to receive credit for an assignment.


5.      Attendance and Make Up work:

∞ You are responsible for getting all missed assignments and notes when absent from class.

∞ Assignments are posted on my Stapley webpage and in the classroom and remain up until conclusion of the quarter.

∞ The day you return, you must turn in all assignments which were due the first day you were absent.

∞ You will have 1 day per day absent to make up work. (ie. 2 days absent, 2 days to make up work).

 6.      Grading Policy:

90%- and up = A

80%-89% = B

70%-79% = C

60%-69% = D

59% and below =F


The grades will be calculated based on the following categories:


Quizzes and Projects:

Weekly Review Quizzes & Homework Quizzes: 


Study Skills (warm ups, notes, and planner checks):