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Classroom Expectations

  • Truth: be honest and responsible for your choices and decisions 
  • Trust: contribute to an atmosphere of safety and security               
  • Respect: be considerate of yourself, others, and all property       
  • Active Participation: participate positively in the classroom
  • Personal Best: strive for continuous improvement

Classroom Guidelines

  • Be on time – in assigned seat when bell rings
  • Be prepared to study and learn - bring assignment, notebook, paper, pencils, pens, and student planner everyday
  • Participate positively and work to learn
  • Follow teacher directions, school, district and classroom rules
  • Show respect to all peers and adults by following directions, not interrupting and keeping hands, feet and objects to oneself
  • Do not bring gum, candy, food, or drink (water permitted) into the classroom
  • Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. Any student caught either copying another student’s paper and/or any student whose paper is being copied will receive a 0 on that assignment. 
  • All electronic devices (including cell phones and iPods) are not to be out during class.


Tardy Policy

  • 1st-warning
  • 2nd-15 minute before/after school detention
  • 3rd-30 minute formal written detention with parent contact
  • 4th-administrative referral



Choosing not to follow the above rules will result in one or a combination of the following consequences:

  • Verbal reminder of the standard              
  • Conference with the teacher
  • Parent involvement
  • Isolation from the class
  • Teacher-assigned detention
  • Behavior/Academic contract
  • Work duty
  • Consultation with a counselor
  • Referral to administration

Materials Needed Daily:

Your child needs the following materials for class:

  • Pencils (for homework), highlighter (notes), and pens (grading homework)
  • Spiral or composition notebook for notes
  • Loose leaf paper for homework
  • Student Handbook


Homework Policy:

  • Homework will be given on a daily basis.
  • Late work will be accepted for full credit until the day that the unit test is administered for that unit. After the test has been administered, those assignments will receive no credit.
  • Daily homework assignments should be written in the Stapley planner while in class. Those assignments will also be posted on my page of the Stapley website.
  • Homework must be completed in pencil and corrections done in pen. Any work not graded correctly or not completed in pencil will be counted as a zero.
  • Students must show all work to receive credit. If students do not show work, they will receive a zero on that assignment.
  • All Big Ideas book assignments must be submitted on-line. The teacher will answer questions the following school day in class, and the assignment must be submitted by 9:00 a.m. on the following school day. The student’s assignment must be submitted on paper to teacher with work to support each of the problems. If work is not shown on any of the problems, the student will receive a zero on that assignment.
  • Scores for Big Idea assignments should be written directly at the top of the completed homework assignment by the student. Not recording score correctly may result in the student receiving a zero.
  • Any worksheet (not assigned directly from book) will be graded the following day at the beginning of the class period. Students will have one day to make corrections on that assignment. Those corrections must be done in pen. Students can only make corrections on those problems that were completed when checked in class. Students should not erase original problem or work.
  • If any assignment is turned in without a name, that assignment will be place in the No Name folder until the end of the unit. Once the test has been administered, those assignments will not receive credit.
  • If students are absent, they are responsible for copying planner and notes as well as picking up homework (if needed). They will have same number of days to complete as they were absent. **I will put a copy of notes and assignment on my website calendar.


  • You are responsible for getting all missed assignments, notes, and any other work when absent from class.
  • You will have the same number of days to make up missing work for each day you’re absent.
  • No homework or tests can be made up due to an UNEXCUSED absence.

Grading Policy:

90%- and up = A 40% - Tests   

80% - 89% = B 30% - Quizzes    

70% - 79% = C 20% - Assignment Quizzes/Weekly Reviews  

60% - 69% = D 10% - Assignments (Classwork and Homework)  

59% and below = F


The following information concerns what your student will need to be prepared everyday for class:


Notebook:  Students will be required to keep an organized notebook. Learning to take neat, organized notes is essential in the study of math as well as other subjects. 


Homework:  Practicing new math skills is very important and will provide the necessary repetition needed to learn the math concepts covered in class.  Assignments are to be completed for the next class period and should reflect your student’s best work. I give 100% credit for assignments that shows effort.  Credit may be given for late homework.


Quizzes:   Quizzes are used as an assessment tool to check for understanding of the concepts covered. Quizzes will be given about once a week and students will be made aware of when they will occur. 


Tests:  Tests are an opportunity for your student to demonstrate mastery of a unit.  Tests are given upon completion of each unit covered, approximately every 2-3 weeks. Please encourage your student to participate in the class review as well as additional time at home. Students may retake tests and quizzes for higher grade as well as to show mastery of skill.


Grading: The following is a guideline on how your student will be graded.   

     40% - Tests                              

     30% - Quizzes                         

     20% - Assignment Quizzes/Weekly Reviews  

     10% - Assignments (Classwork and Homework)         


Progress: A formal progress report will be sent home from the district at the half way mark of every quarter. Please note the importance of these reports. They will help you monitor the progress of your student and will help in keeping your student on track.  Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.


Tutoring:   I provide tutoring for any student who might be struggling with math skills.  Students will need to let me know they need help and schedule a time for help. This time will be spent to help students that are having difficulty with a particular math concept, to get help correcting low scoring tests, retaking test/quiz, or would like to prepare for a test/quiz. This is a privilege and behavior problems will not be tolerated.  Late buses will NOT be provided so each student will need to arrange for their own transportation home.