Required Supplies for MA07:

1.  Composition Notebook - This must be used for notes - no spiral notebooks for notes!!  

      - 1 notebook will be used for the entire year

      - I recommend one that is college ruled, 100 pages.

2.  Spiral notebook or Loose Leaf lined paper - for homework

3.  Dry erase marker - chisel tip preferred

4.  Pencils (numerous! - regular or mechanical)

5.  Highlighters

6.  Clear tape or glue stick


Optional Supplies:

1.  Colored pens

2.  Colored pencils and markers

3.  Hand-held pencil sharpener

4.  Scissors


Classroom Donations Accepted:


- Disinfecting Wipes

- Multi-pack of Dishclothes (inexpensive Walmart brand is perfect - used to wipe dry erase boards)