Mrs. Gallegos

8th Grade Social Studies

Room 154


Contact information

Ø  Email:

Ø  Phone: (480)-472-2754


Classroom Rules and Expectations

Ø  Follow all Stapley and Mesa Public Schools’ rules, including, but not limited to, the dress code and electronics policies.

Ø  Come to class on time.  You need to be in your seat when the bell rings.

Ø  Come to class prepared. Have a writing utensil, homework, notebook, binder, etc.

Ø  Accept responsibility for class assignments and responsibilities

Ø  Do not act in a way that will disrupt your learning, or others learning.


Grading Policy

Ø  All letter grades are based on a percentage of points earned.

¨       90% and up = A

¨       80-89%         = B

¨       70-79%         = C

¨       60-69%         = D

¨      Below 60%   = F

Ø  Grades will not be rounded

Ø  Grades will be entered and updated AT LEAST once a week, usually 2 to 3 times a week

Ø  It is the students responsibility to check their grades and be aware of missing assignments

Ø  Parents can access the gradebook through the parent portal

Late Work Policy

Ø  After the first day, students will only receive 50% of the points earned. 

Ø  Late assignments can be turned in until the day the unit test is taken, study guides will not be accepted late.

Ø  Make up and retake tests and quizzes must be made up or re-taken within one week of when the test/quiz was given.  It is the STUDENTS responsibility to schedule a time to come take the test.







Absent Work

Ø  If students are absent, it is their responsibility for obtaining and completing missed material.  Students will have one day for every day they are absent to make up the work. 


v  Required Materials

Ø  Pen AND pencil

Ø  Highlighter

Ø  Whiteboard marker

Ø  School Planner


Ø  Notebook paper OR a notebook designated to social studies