What you need to know…


Classes are designed to support the general education standards and curriculum while supporting individual educational goals.  Students will receive additional support and instruction as needed in a resource and/or inclusive setting. 


English Language Arts:


English Language Arts classes focus on improving overall reading, the writing process, and listening and speaking skills.  Regarding reading  instruction, we will focus on improving fluency, expanding vocabulary, and deepen comprehension strategies, as well as the elements of literature, cause and effect, making inferences, and determining the author’s        purpose.  Course content materials that we will utilize include current event articles, informational text, vocabulary derived from content, short stories, as well as a novel each semester.  Writing instruction will focus on the overall writing process, specifically the six traits.  Types of writing will include narrative, informative, and argumentative.  Other focuses will    include the parts of speech, grammar, spelling, summarization, note-taking, sentence and paragraph structure.  These reading and writing skills will be incorporated to all daily activities.



Tips for Parents:


To promote your child’s success this year, please be aware of several class and school-wide expectations.  Each student will receive a agenda/planner.  It offers many helpful organizational and academic tools, and it is required that they copy daily assignments and homework in it each period.  In our classroom there is a weekly assignment calendar that students can refer to as often as needed.  It is your child’s responsibility to maintain their daily planner in addition to homework assignments.  In the event that they are absent, they can refer to these calendars and the corresponding folders to get any missed worked independently without needing my assistance.   Students have the same amount of days they were absent to turn in any late work upon returning to school.


I strongly encourage you to access the parent and student portal on a weekly basis.  This allows for you to view your child’s grades and any missing work.  Students will be required to check their own grades weekly and record their grades on a grade check sheet.  Grades will be updated weekly.


Students are required to bring materials to class each day, including a pencil and three-subject notebook specific to my class only. 


To accommodate student needs across all academic and non-academic environments, every Wednesday will serve as a study skills period for the entire hour.  Students will be required to independently bring in any outside materials that incorporate reading, writing, and study skills to work on during that time.  If students do not come to class prepared, there will be an ELA  alternative, mandatory assignment for them to complete during that time.  Wednesdays will serve as a valuable opportunity for all students to get small group and one-on-one assistance from me and their peers to improve their understanding and task  completion across all contents.