Coach Kuhn (best way)


Stapley Junior High-Physical Education



Variety of sports and games, individual as well as team activities will be featured. 

We will work on individual sportsmanship and learn the value of being a team player.

Fitness training (cardiovascular endurance, strength, etc.) will be measured and recorded. **

We will focus on healthy body = healthy mind.

Reading and writing on the present health and fitness trends.



Dressing out is MANDATORY for all students.  We do not want you to wear clothing in Physical Education class that you wore to school.  This way your clothing will not get dirty, sweaty or damaged.  Nobody wants that.


Gray tee shirt with your name printed on the front of the shirt.  Shorts are to be maroon/black and have no pockets if possible.  You will need to wear a pair of athletic shoes that are appropriate for running, jumping etc.  Open toed shoes are dangerous and are not an option for this class. You are able to purchase the shirt and shorts from the bookstore.  This is your best option and my preference.



Each day you are awarded 10 points.  To keep all 10 points you must do the following.

5 points are given for following all the class rules.  45% of your overall grade. **

5 points are given for class participation.  45% of your overall grade. **

A variety of different points are awarded for in class projects and fitness measurements.  10% of your overall grade. **

Class make-up?  Each student is encouraged to make-up points due to an excused absence.

We do this in the morning before school but after school can be an option with an arrangement.

For an absence to be considered excused the student must have it cleared in the front office.

If you need to “sit out” of class, due to an illness or injury, you must bring a note from home.  If this is going to be for more than one day it needs to be cleared by the nurse.  These days can be made up by the student.


Homework Policy

Full credit will be awarded for any homework assigned as long as it is turned in on time and is complete and accurate and on time.


The following is the contract each student will sign to attend class.


Coach J Kuhn

Office phone: 472-2833




Stapley Physical Education


Course Description: 

Individual and team sports

Sportsmanship and Respectful Play

Physical fitness training/testing


Physical Education Dress Out is MANDATORY   **NO EXCEPTIONS**

Stapley P.E. T-shirt with your name on it. (available in Stapley bookstore)

Stapley shorts with your name on it.  (available in Stapley bookstore)

Athletic socks and shoes must be worn at all times with shoes properly tied and secure to prevent injury.

All students will dress out regardless of a parent or doctor note unless permission is granted by instructor.

Check with me as soon as you enter the locker room if you have a note or will not be participating in class. 

** Sunglasses and Hats ARE NOT PERMITTED without instructor/medical permission.

** During our swim unit all students are to wear a school appropriate swim suit, flip flops and need to bring their own towel.  T-shirt and shorts may be worn over swim attire.



Each class/day is worth 10 points


Grades will be based on:

Class Rules 

Attendance and Participation

Students are encouraged to complete make-up work to earn points lost due to all excused absence. 



Excused Absences:  Office excused and/or School Activity


Homework Policy:

Full credit for homework will be given if handed in complete, accurate and on time.



Students are expected to be inside the locker room before the bell and report to their assigned station within the time allowed by instructor.


I have read all of the information above and understand it.  I agree to follow all of these classroom procedures and requirements.


Class Period_________    Class Instructor:  Coach Kuhn


Student Name_______________________________________________ 


Print name

Student Signature____________________________________________



Dressing Out 

5 min. / more time during swimming

PE uniform (t-shirt and maroon shorts, (Bookstore), tennis shoes, and socks

Name will be written on front of shirt and shorts

You may change in locker area or shower stalls, not bathrooms

Shoes must be tied and/or secure

Cold weather-sweats allowed over uniform

Every student will dress out regardless.  Even with a Doctor’s excuse.  Check with instructor if you have any questions


10 points per day

Tardies classroom (5), dressing out, behavior, Participation(5) 

Electronic devices not allowed to be out, if seen will be taken and turned in.

Tests, quizzes, HW, worksheets, notebook/section completed and on time

Posted by the following Monday online



Only for excused absences or excused non-participations

No points lost for Stapley activities

For each day:

- 1 day exercise or 1 page report (summary of article, what you learned, your opinion)



No glass, no real mirrors and no aerosol sprays   NO GUM EVER

Do not give out combo

Always lock up everything

Use big locker only during your hour, transfer everything and lock

Check bar/Ask if you lose your lock or if you have any trouble with it

No graffiti, if observed report immediately

never run or throw anything for any reason


Daily Routine

Read the dry erase board first.  Don’t ask “What are we doing?”

Get ready quickly

Get to meeting place when instructed (wrestling room, weight room, gym, etc.), do not touch equipment

Stay SEATED until bell to leave rings. You leave early “ditch”



Roll call – sit in order ALPHABETICAL BY LAST NAME

Check for dressing out


PE Office Procedures

Knock twice and show face to teacher

-Lock problems

-Emergency situations (hurt, need to go to nurse) 

- borrow clothing



Always try your best

Respecting others is extremely important

Teams don’t matter (do my best to keep them random and fair)


I will keep track of time and tell you when we are finished and you are dismissed from class.

Water bottles only