Dear Parents/Guardians and Students

While your kids are here at Stapley Junior High, and hopfully enjoying their experience in my class, there are few rules that you need to know.  I will be going over this with each student during our first day orientation.


Each student must have a grey or white t-shirt and a dark pair of shorts with their name written on the front of both.  This helps with keeping everyone on the same page and if clothing is misplaced it can be returned to thier owner. My recommendation is purchasing these through the Stapley bookstore.  Students also need to supply a pair of athletic nike lunar 12's.  These can be of any color or brand.

   sunglassesand   hat 4  are NOT PERMITTED WITHOUT PERMISSION.

We do hold a swimming unit at the beginning and the end of our school year.  I want all kids to feel comfortable around me and other students in the class. So be sure to check that the swimming suit that your child will be wearing to the pool is school appropriate.  If they choose to wear a shirt or shorts over their suit that is okay with me.  If you or your child are unsure please feel free to ask me.  We ask that all girls NOT wear string bikinis if at all possible.  If this happens they will be asked to wear shorts and/or a shirt over the swimsuit.   Questions please have them check with me.

nike greatness jump