protect wildlifewithout a voicemercy for animals


Jacqueline Kimzey          
Phone: 480-472-2762


I began teaching at Stapley Jr. High in 1999.  I had previously taught at Kino and Poston as a math/science teacher. My Bachelor's of Science is from Brigham Young University in Zoology and my Master's of Education in Science and Curriculum is from Northern Arizona University. 

I taught Spanish in the evenings to adults for the BYU Outreach program.  I also taught Spanish at the Missionary Training Center for 3 years.   Before I graduated from BYU I was hired as a math teacher in a minimum security school in Heber, UT which later moved to Provo. The school was geared for troubled teens.

I love teaching science because it is ever changing and the universe is huge!!! I love animals.  I am an animal advocate and belong to several groups including Mercy For Animals and World Wildlife Fund.  My purpose in life is to educate the younger generation to take care of the life in the planet so that they will be able to enjoy its beauty when they are adults themselves.

I was born in Chile and grew up in Puerto Rico and New York.  My family consists of two girls, and well maintained cats.  

Starting 2019-2020 All Arizona Science Standards are been taught differently. Click on link for more information.