Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,                             Student ____________________ Per._____

Welcome to SC08 - General Science. I would like to take this opportunity to review my classroom expectations so that this will be a rewarding school year for all of us during your junior high school career. By reading and signing these policies, you are acknowledging your awareness and acceptance to abide by these policies in this classroom at all times.  One very important element of success in school is the amount of cooperation that exists between parents, guardians and teachers.  Together we will help your child achieve success.  You can find answers to many questions on my web page at Stapley, or email me at with any questions or concerns.  Additionally, your student has “Kimzey’s Procedures” in their science graph book that covers class work expectations and procedures.

Here’s what you can expect from me:

*        I will treat your child with respect.

*        I will grade assignments and post grades for viewing on the Parent and Student portals in a timely fashion and provide mail-home grades at the regular progress report and report card dates determined by the district.

*        I will respond to communications from you in a timely manner and will act upon suggestions and comments that you make to me.

*        I expect QUALITY work: completely finished, the best your student can do, and on time.

*        I will post important information on my web page.

*        I will support our school improvement plan by requiring that every student has a novel to read and is writing assignments in his/her daily planner every day.


I hope you will participate in the following ways:

*        Truth, trust, respect, active involvement and personal best are the behavior and character expectations that we use every day in our classroom.

*        Check your child’s daily planner everyday to see due dates and daily assignments.  Please look for messages and sign the planner at the end of each week.

*        Check my web page daily for homework, messages, rubrics, etc.

*        If your student needs extra help s/he will come see me and make an appointment for extra help before s/he falls way behind.

*        Frequently ask your child what was done in science today and expect a complete, detailed answer.  Please inquire if they have reviewed science material that day.


Expectations of students

·         Respect yourself, other students, teachers, administrators, materials  and equipment.

·         Complete of all class work and homework.

·         Personal best - EVERY day!

·         SAFE ACTIONS during labs and classroom activities. (refer to Flinn, labs, text book, teacher instructions and directions throughout the classroom)

·         Actively study for tests and quizzes

·         Follow lab write up procedure to ensure clear demonstration of each concept



Stapley Junior High School has adopted four attitudes for success: TRUTH, TRUST, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY.  The following school rules and standards will apply in this classroom.  These standards will be more fully defined, discussed and demonstrated in class.


  • Be on time, prepared and ready to learn
  • Personal best each and every day
  • Materials and equipment are tools, not toys. Use materials and equipment appropriately and as instructed, written or verbally, at all times.



Unsafe or inappropriate behavior will result in any or all of the following actions, depending on severity of behavior:

  • verbal reminder of the expectation
  • being removed from the group and receiving a zero for the assignment
  • detention
  • call to parent
  • office referral
  • need to make up lab or activity before school on your own time.



The composition book is your student’s interactive textbook for science.  Unlike other disciplines that have a textbook for your student to take home, science uses the portfolio format.  This composition book contains all of the information that your student is accountable for.  It will be used daily, and is an essential tool for reviewing for unit tests, semester and year end tests and especially for Science AIMS in April of 2017.  Your student’s portfolio will be as useful as your student makes it.  Expectations of content and organization are clear, expressed and modeled.  It is up to your student to follow these expectations in order to reap the most benefit from using an interactive portfolio.  The composition book will be collected every 1-2 weeks and assignments will be graded.  ALL work assigned since the previous portfolio collect / grade must be completed with diligence if the book is to be graded as “on time”.  If any assignment within each graded section is missing or incomplete, the book will be returned for completion / correction.  When the completed work is turned back in, it will be graded under the “late work” policy (see below).    Having a complete, accurate, up-to-date and organized comp book will help your child be successful. Reminder: Partial work within each graded assignment will cause that assignment grade to be graded as zero.  If your student is falling behind or struggling, s/he needs to come in before/after school for additional help.  Tutoring may be assigned to students who are failing.



If your student is absent, s/he HAS missed instruction and work.  Your student is responsible for finding out what s/he missed.  To find out what was missed / what needs to be made up, your student needs to come in before school (see Office Hours below) and also check online calendar and Essential Question pages.  Two days will be allowed to do make-up work for each absence before it is counted as late IF the assignment is an over-night assignment.  Most collected and graded work is taped in the portfolio, which is later collected for an overall grade. IF the assignment is either a portfolio/comp book check or is a larger project and advance notice is given, THEN THE DUE DATE IS AS POSTED!!  If a student knows that he/she will miss class on the due date, then the assignment must be turned in prior to the missed class for full points.

 If the student is ill on the due date, then the assignment is due at the beginning of class on his/her first day back from the absence.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.  ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE AS POSTED.



 ALL work - test, quizzes, lab write ups, etc. are designed to help students master the Arizona State Standards in science.  Any assignment, test, quiz or lab write up that does not score 80% or greater needs to be redone for practice.  A score of less than 80% indicates that the student needs more studying / practice in order to master the concept. I am available for help before/after school any day with prior notice.


ALL work, unless otherwise noted, will be in the quad-ruled composition book.  Work that is not in the comp book will receive no credit. The science comp book should be taken home EVERY DAY for review, study and/or completion of work.  Must have your comp book with you EVERY DAY!


Most assignments receive a stamp for full credit if finished and turned in on time.   We will go over the material.  Students are expected to check their work.  Each student is expected to make corrections in red pen and keep the work in his/her quad-ruled composition book for future reference and possible grading/points. 


 ALL late work will receive a MAXIMUM of 70% credit or a C.  These are points lost and cannot be made up through re-dos. In other words, there are no re-dos for work not turned in on time.


SCHEDULE FOR MAKE-UP WORK, RE-TESTING, TUTORING – I will be available before or after school each week for students to come in for help or make up work.  Please check with me ahead of time as the schedule may need to be changed if I am attending a meeting.



Tests and labs must be made up before school the day the student returns.  My office hours are Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. from 8:30 – 9:00 am.  Your student must have a hall pass to come in and make up work. 


Please contact me regarding questions or concerns.  I am available any morning at 8:30 or after school for students to come in and make up work, labs or get help except Weds.  Make arrangements the day prior to be sure that I do not have something else planned for that day. My contact info:   I prefer email is more efficient and quicker.  Phone number:  480-472-2762

 My webpage is You will be able to find  the calendar which has the classwork, essential questions and important due dates.








My student and I have read these guidelines and understand Ms. Kimzey’s classroom expectations.


We understand the late work policy.


We know where to go to find out about assigned work.


We know when to make up tests or labs.


We know Ms. Kimzey’s email, phone and web page.


We know that the composition book must be current and correct so that it is a useful tool.


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