7th Grade Science Parent Letter- Ms. Higginbotham, Rm. 166


Dear parent/guardian,

One very important element of success in school is the amount of cooperation that exists between parents, guardians, and teachers.  Together we will help your child achieve success.

Here’s what you can expect from me: I will treat your child with respect and compassion. I will respond to communications from you in a timely manner and will act upon suggestions and comments that you make to me.

Grading Policy: 

I expect QUALITY work:  completely finished, the best they can do and on time.  Late work will be accepted with a consequence of 10% point deduction/day (up to 3 days late).  I will not accept late work after 3 days.  If there is an extenuating circumstance please contact me; these will be handled on an individual basis.

All assignments, tests, quizzes, projects, composition books are graded on a point scale.  Grades are updated regularly and can be accessed through the student/parent portal at anytime.

Each nine-week grade is assigned as follows:  90% - 100% = A; 80% - 89% = B; 70% - 79% = C; 60% - 69% = D; 59% and below = F.  The semester grade is weighted as follows: 48% 1st quarter, 48% 2nd quarter, 4% Final Exam.

Classroom Rules:

1.   Be on time.

2.   Be prepared to study and learn (bring your comp. book every day).                                                                     

3.   Participate positively and work to learn.                                                      

4.   Follow teacher directions, class rules, and procedures.

5.   Show respect to the teacher, other students, and yourself.

6.   Follow all other school rules.

Choosing to follow the above rules will result in positive consequences; whereas, an infraction of any of the above standards will result in one or a combination of the following consequences:

•Verbal reminder of the standard

•Conference with the teacher

•Parent involvement

•Isolation from the class

•Teacher-assigned detention

•Behavior/Academic contract

•Consultation with a counselor

•Referral to administration

SEVERE CLAUSE:  Any offense deemed serious enough by me will result in immediate referral to administration.

I hope you will participate in the following ways:

Truth, trust, respect, active involvement and personal best are the behaviors and character expectations that we use every day in our classroom.

Make sure your child is reviewing what we did in class every week by reviewing the work in the comp. book and coming prepared to class every day.

Check your child’s planner every day to see assignments and due dates.

If your child needs extra help they will come see me and make an appointment for extra help before they fall way behind.

The only materials you child needs for class every day are composition book, paper, clear tape, pencil and colored pencils. 

Frequently ask your child the following question:  “What did you do in science today?”

Thank you for working together to make this class a great exploration in science! 


Karen Higginbotham

Science Teacher



Video Summaries

Supervolcano – Discovery Channel (2005) (Made for TV movie)   Not Rated

Yellowstone National Park sits atop a subterranean chamber of molten rock and gasses so vast that the region, known for its geysers and grizzlies, is arguably one of the largest active volcanoes in the world. When an earthquake opens a crack for magma to seep through, other warning signs of an eruption start popping up, but they are ignored or dismissed as 'minor'. But when scientists learn an eruption will happen, panic breaks out through people of the USA and the world. This is a tale told from former Yellowstone scientists, who recall the final days before Yellowstone erupted, and shows how life is changed forever after the eruption.


Bill Nye

We have several of the Bill Nye series of science videos which support our State Standards.


In addition to the movies listed above, we will occasionally show portions of documentaries on astronomy, volcanoes, earthquakes, and environmental issues.

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I have reviewed the classroom guidelines for seventh grade science.

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Does your son or daughter have internet access at home?    yes     no 

Please describe the best times/methods to reach you, and use this space to explain anything else you would like me to know about your child.


The following films may be shown as part of our instruction this year.  Please sign the line below verifying that you have read these summaries and declaring your wishes for your student’s participation when these videos are shown.

___ Yes, my student has permission to watch these films in Science class.

___ No, I do not want my student to participate in the lesson when the following movie(s) are shown:________________________________________.  Please give them an alternate assignment.

Parent signature ___________________________  Date ________________